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3101Open Water€ 175.00025.0002004IF
3102Taboo (Gohatto)€ 175.0004.0002001FM
3103The Uninvited€ 175.00024.0002009UPI
3104Die andere Heimat: Chronik einer Sehnsucht (Home from Home: Chronicle of a Vision)€ 174.89917.5392014LUM
3105Truman€ 174.77923.5342016CM
3106Luis and the Aliens (Louis en de Aliens)€ 174.28222.6732018WWE
3107How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Get the Gringo)€ 174.21524.4602012PAR
3108Under the Skin€ 174.19323.6632014AFD
3109Woodstock€ 174.1582019WB
3110Bad Santa€ 174.00026.0002004WWE
3111Carriers€ 174.00030.0002009IF
3112Guernsey€ 174.00026.00020051MF
3113Last Chance Harvey€ 174.00027.0002009WWE
3114The Last House on the Left€ 174.00025.0002009UPI
3115The Prince & Me€ 174.00031.0002004WWE
3116Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage€ 174.00027.0002005CM
3117Maybe Baby€ 173.79828.0002000WWE
3118And So It Goes€ 173.74123.7952014WWE
3119Vampier Zusjes (Die Vampirschwestern)€ 173.65525.1932013JFD
3120Trash€ 173.55923.9522014UPI
3121Loving€ 173.46024.5132017UPI
3122The Trip to Italy€ 173.45723.1992014SEP
3123The King's Gardens€ 173.37923.4902015LUM
3124Almost Famous€ 173.00033.0002001CTF
3125Ying xiong (Hero)€ 173.00027.0002004ML
3126Ghostland€ 172.74821.1782018IF
3127Night Hunter (Nomis)€ 172.6552019GUS
3128God Only Knows€ 172.5582019CM
3129Dream House€ 172.33523.5592011WWE
3130L' auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)€ 172.00029.0002002PAR
3131Formula 51 (The 51st State)€ 172.00027.0002002IFD
3132Gamer€ 172.00026.0002009BFD
3133Keeping Mum€ 172.00026.0002005IF
3134My Little Eye€ 172.00033.0002003UIP
3135Thank You for Your Service€ 171.62421.8732017WWE
3136Chasseurs de dragons€ 171.00027.0002008IF
3137The Water Diviner€ 170.97522.6212015UPI
3138Trance€ 170.77025.2962013FOX
3139Mid90s€ 170.6842019SPL
3140Eddie the Eagle€ 170.68124.6642016FOX
3141Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie€ 170.60321.0052016CD
3142Dr. Knock€ 170.33321.7322017WWE
3143Shut In€ 170.24722.6842016IF
3144Jessabelle€ 170.09021.3702014DFW
3145The Kids Are All Right€ 170.00026.0002010AFD
3146Io e te (Me and You)€ 169.34125.6212013CM
3147The Last Stand€ 169.31624.0342013AFD
3148American Honey€ 169.00521.3312017CNA
3149Greenberg€ 169.00025.0002010BFD
3150Valentine€ 169.00026.0002001WB


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