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5601Royal Opera House: The Nutcracker€ 17.4082019POM
5602History's Future€ 17.3542.6832016CNA
5603Marjorie Prime€ 17.3432.4622018AMF
5604Kara Bela€ 17.2532.0392015KINO
5605Het mannetje van de maan€ 17.2492.6002013TWF
5606Another Day in Paradise€ 17.2444.0001999ONB
5607Viagem ao princípio do mundo (Voyage to the Beginning of the World)€ 17.2444.0001998FM
5608Adem€ 17.2352.7452011PAR
5609Batti Gul Meter Chalu€ 17.2332.3352018EIL
5610Love Is Thicker Than Water€ 17.2292.3402017JFD
5611The End of Fear€ 17.2252.5522018AMF
5612El presidente (The Summit)€ 17.1872.3222018CM
5613In Pursuit of Silence€ 17.1592.3242016AMF
5614M€ 17.1422.5242018CM
5615Ava€ 17.1392.3792018AMF
5616Elephant Song€ 17.1082.2952015RIL
5617Efterskalv (The Here After)€ 17.0642.4632016IMA
5618Calvaire (The Ordeal)€ 17.0003.0002005IP
5619Comment j'ai tué mon père (How I Killed My Father)€ 17.0003.0002002AFD
5620Contracorriente (Undertow)€ 17.0003.0002010CM
5621Darbareye Elly (About Elly)€ 17.0003.0002010AMF
5622Décalage horaire (Jet Lag)€ 17.0003.0002003AFD
5623Les destinées sentimentales (Sentimental Destinies)€ 17.0003.0002001AFD
5624Diep€ 17.0003.00020051MF
5625Dirty Mind€ 17.0003.0002009WWE
5626The Fall€ 17.0003.0002008PAR
5627Farewell€ 17.0003.0002010CD
5628Good Boy!€ 17.0003.0002004FOX
5629Hei yan quan (I Don't Want to Sleep Alone)€ 17.0004.0002007FM
5630Highwaymen€ 17.0003.0002004WWE
5631Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadareh (No One Knows About Persian Cats)€ 17.0003.0002010CNA
5632Luther€ 17.0003.0002004WWE
5633Mille mois (A Thousand Months)€ 17.0003.0002004FM
5634On a Clear Day€ 17.0003.0002006AFD
5635Paradise Girls€ 17.0003.00020051MF
5636The Passenger (Professione: reporter)€ 17.0003.0002008FM
5637Stella's oorlog€ 17.0003.0002009IF
5638Temporada de patos (Duck Season)€ 17.0003.0002005BAD
5639Three Miles North of Molkom€ 17.0003.0002010WBU
5640Tramontana€ 17.0003.0002009WBU
5641Unmistaken Child€ 17.0003.0002009CM
5642La ventana (The Window)€ 17.0003.0002009CM
5643Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?€ 17.0003.0002008CNA
5644Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love€ 17.0003.0002009CM
5645The Best of IDFA 2016 on Tour€ 16.9572017CD
5646The First Grader€ 16.9442.9402011AFD
5647Time Trial€ 16.9072.2452018CD
5648Creative Control€ 16.8562.3892016FFD
5649Tom of Finland€ 16.8052.1182018CM
5650De missie€ 16.7532.3032016AMF


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