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2051Side Effects€ 505.70668.0072013IF
2052Man on Fire€ 505.00072.0002004FOX
2053Ray€ 505.00070.0002005UIP
2054The Rebound€ 504.00084.0002009PAR
2055The Avengers€ 503.69684.0001998WB
2056Real Steel€ 502.21065.3482011WDS
2057Changing Lanes€ 502.00072.0002002UIP
2058Dungeons & Dragons€ 499.00091.0002001IF
2059Abduction€ 497.27769.6032011WWE
2060Io sono l'amore (I Am Love)€ 497.00072.0002010CNA
2061Storm: Letters van Vuur€ 496.50772.2382017DFW
2062Amistad€ 496.43679.0001998UIP
2063Elle s'en va (On My Way)€ 496.41466.2232013SEP
2064Street Kings€ 496.00068.0002008FOX
2065Love, Rosie€ 495.99964.8082014WWE
2066The Dilemma€ 495.06967.8562011UPI
2067Crawl€ 493.4312019PPI
2068Guernsey Literary Society€ 493.31665.4002018IF
2069Ride Along€ 491.84163.9262014UPI
2070A Man Apart€ 489.00078.0002003WWE
2071Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter€ 488.96155.6342012FOX
2072Identity Thief€ 488.25767.0272013UPI
2073Arbitrage€ 488.18464.2172013DFW
2074The Chronicles of Riddick€ 488.00069.0002004UIP
2075Kidnep€ 487.06972.3412015AFD
2076Hostel€ 487.00067.0002006SPR
2077Lucky Number Slevin€ 487.00071.0002006IF
2078Milk€ 487.00070.0002009AFD
2079I Know What You Did Last Summer€ 486.90687.0001998CTF
2080La meglio gioventù, Part 1 (The Best of Youth, Part 1)€ 486.00070.0002004FM
2081The Boss€ 485.53662.9352016UPI
2082Friday the 13th€ 485.00062.0002009UPI
2083Sideways€ 484.00072.0002005FOX
2084Y tu mamá también (And Your Mother Too)€ 484.00077.0002002PAR
2085Voor ik doodga (Now is Good)€ 483.80864.0132012DFW
2086Being John Malkovich€ 483.27685.0002000UIP
2087Fantasia 2000€ 483.27659.0002000BVI
2088Catwoman€ 483.00068.0002004WB
2089Dawn of the Dead€ 483.00067.0002004UIP
2090Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas€ 483.00090.0002003UIP
2091The Killing of a Sacred Deer€ 482.53661.1682017FFD
2092Irrational Man€ 482.05261.3022015PAR
2093The Purge€ 481.72964.0752013UPI
2094Killer Elite€ 481.15665.7132011WWE
2095Child's Play€ 480.0092019DFW
2096Wrongfully Accused€ 478.28481.0002000IF
2097Stuber€ 477.7072019FOX
2098Rambo€ 477.00066.0002008ML
2099Dogville€ 476.00067.0002003AFD
2100Pain & Gain€ 475.95964.6312013UPI


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