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851Girls Trip€ 1.519.7422017UPI
852Scent of a Woman€ 1.519.147221.6691993UIP
853The Three Musketeers€ 1.514.619276.5671994BVI
854Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit€ 1.513.694239.9632005UIP
855Six Days Seven Nights€ 1.512.814259.9071998BVI
856All Stars€ 1.511.562298.6581997PFED
857Munich€ 1.511.408199.8352006UIP
858Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman€ 1.508.9982017E1
859The Doors€ 1.506.629288.7921991CTF
860Fun with Dick and Jane€ 1.498.650216.4002006SPR
861What to Expect When You're Expecting€ 1.496.842194.3392012DFW
862Terminator Salvation€ 1.495.811195.8772009SPR
863Eraser€ 1.495.297256.4471996WB
864Good Bye, Lenin!€ 1.494.813242.1022003CM
865Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie€ 1.494.692174.0212016FOX
866Alexander€ 1.492.912186.8822004AFD
867Everything, Everything€ 1.492.3772017WB
868Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)€ 1.489.964213.4122009BFD
869Arlington Road€ 1.489.398265.3501999CTF
870Apollo 13€ 1.488.901238.1471995UIP
871The Impossible€ 1.487.256192.0662013IF
872The Expendables 3€ 1.486.931184.5832014E1
873The Magnificent Seven€ 1.486.913175.8422016UPI
874Eagle Eye€ 1.486.553204.4282008UPI
875Ghost€ 1.484.599288.5391990UIP
876Burn After Reading€ 1.484.545200.1042008UPI
877The X-Files€ 1.483.020259.0671998FOX
878Shaun het schaap: de film (Shaun the Sheep)€ 1.480.727213.4132015LUM
879Olympus Has Fallen€ 1.479.628191.2312013DFW
880Pacific Rim€ 1.478.852151.8272013WB
881K3 Dierenhotel€ 1.477.658215.7392014IF
882Pride and Prejudice€ 1.470.323211.3922005UIP
883Wild Wild West€ 1.468.236259.8891999WB
884Cinderella (Assepoester)€ 1.467.470334.2031950RKO
885Starship Troopers€ 1.460.462246.7701998BVI
886La giovinezza (Youth)€ 1.460.352185.8592015PAR
887Payback€ 1.459.928246.3221999WB
888The Three Musketeers€ 1.459.780159.1512011DFW
889Fashion Chicks€ 1.457.491192.0832015JFD
890A Perfect World€ 1.457.462244.3231993WB
891The Grudge€ 1.455.819200.8622005IF
892The River Wild€ 1.454.606261.2891995UIP
893Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief€ 1.454.139193.3502010WB
894Confessions of a Shopaholic€ 1.450.262194.0352009WDS
895Timboektoe€ 1.449.936216.4342007RCV
896Me, Myself & Irene€ 1.448.689236.6562000FOX
897Bennie Stout€ 1.446.506216.8332011IF
898Lover of loser€ 1.446.270227.1222009RCV
899Hartenstrijd€ 1.443.035175.6042016IF
900The Sorcerer's Apprentice€ 1.437.671191.9672010WDS


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