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1301Vacation€ 873.414111.983WB
1302Paranormal Activity 4€ 872.012106.9342015UPI
1303The Possession of Hannah Grace€ 871.16296.1722012SPR
1304Ride Along 2€ 871.054106.7552018UPI
1305The Usual Suspects€ 868.218155.0282016PFED
1306Nowhere to Run€ 864.681162.7161996CTF
1307The Snowman€ 864.460104.5941993UPI
1308I See You€ 863.3622017GUS
1309The Shallows€ 861.665105.1532020UPI
1310All Eyez on Me€ 859.369101.1252016DFW
1311Dreamcatcher€ 858.672121.6932017WB
1312You, Me and Dupree€ 858.041143.4092003UIP
1313Edge of Darkness€ 857.151114.5622006WWE
1314DuckTales: The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp€ 856.110203.4582010BVI
1315The Artist€ 856.082115.7691991CNA
1316The Incredible Hulk€ 855.945117.1582011UPI
1317The School of Rock€ 854.965128.0642008UIP
1318Evan Almighty€ 853.258130.6682004UPI
1319Serendipity€ 853.000127.0002007WWE
1320Casanova€ 852.910125.3772001BVI
1321Gekijô-ban poketto monsutâ: Kesshô-tô no teiô (Pokémon 3: The Movie)€ 852.000184.0002006WB
1322The Vow€ 849.928110.7922001SPR
1323Wild€ 847.297108.6352012FOX
1324Brothers€ 847.171117.7392015AFD
1325Red Eye€ 846.878125.5282009UIP
1326Get Smart€ 844.575129.2592005WB
1327Shallow Hal€ 844.000123.0002008FOX
1328Green Zone€ 842.016111.4952002UPI
1329Exit Wounds€ 842.000155.0002010WB
1330Tower Heist€ 836.882113.6062001UPI
1331Anger Management€ 836.711151.3612011CTF
1332Flatliners€ 836.111154.8482003CTF
1333Night Train to Lisbon€ 834.821112.7011990PAR
1334The Watch€ 833.462109.9902013FOX
1335Sorry We Missed You€ 833.397101.2952012CNA
1336Chocolat€ 832.000137.0002019WWE
1337Honey€ 831.924119.4242001UIP
1338Monte Carlo€ 831.226109.8672004FOX
1339The Purge: Election Year€ 830.907100.6582011UPI
1340Next€ 830.803113.6132016WWE
1341Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close€ 830.401109.8692007WB
1342American Assassin€ 830.095104.4792012IF
1343Law Abiding Citizen€ 829.548114.0562017WWE
1344The Predator€ 829.51583.6342009FOX
1345Memento€ 829.000145.0002018IF
1346Home on the Range (Paniek op de prairie)€ 828.693142.1842001BVI
1347Hulk€ 827.549121.1182004UIP
1348Out of Sight€ 822.833141.1072003UIP
1349Daddy's Home€ 820.840104.4871998UPI
1350Dancer in the Dark€ 819.527138.0002016UPS


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