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151Shark Tale€ 3.835.322615.2392004UIP
152The Adventures of Tintin€ 3.826.190424.9622011SPR
153The Matrix Revolutions€ 3.785.117531.8032003WB
154The Matrix€ 3.781.326678.1151999WB
155The Flintstones€ 3.779.715692.8121994UIP
156The Horse Whisperer€ 3.742.643571.8651998BVI
157Mr. & Mrs. Smith€ 3.725.931531.4332005FOX
158Speed€ 3.699.930677.4421994FOX
159Mission: Impossible€ 3.694.440633.0781996UIP
160The Last Samurai€ 3.679.316561.2982004WB
161The Hunger Games€ 3.675.860458.8162012IF
162The Hangover€ 3.659.687489.4902009WB
163Charlie's Angels€ 3.657.854567.7592000CTF
164Step Up 3D€ 3.632.215410.8202010IF
165The Penguins of Madagascar€ 3.626.9982014FOX
166The Discovery of Heaven€ 3.615.259544.4852001RCV
167Lethal Weapon 3€ 3.607.758648.8861992WB
16822 Jump Street€ 3.602.3052014UPI
169Signs€ 3.599.434524.6532002BVI
170What Lies Beneath€ 3.570.311552.9032000FOX
171Ransom€ 3.561.476597.0651997BVI
172The Croods€ 3.552.153432.2752013FOX
173Django Unchained€ 3.539.151419.9322013SPR
174The Fugitive€ 3.523.164636.2271993WB
175Indecent Proposal€ 3.505.241635.5921993UIP
176Liar Liar€ 3.504.112683.8081997UIP
177The Holiday€ 3.500.695460.9202006UIP
178Johnny English Reborn€ 3.473.083448.1702011UPI
179The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1€ 3.461.061429.1882011IF
180New Year's Eve€ 3.456.533434.0252011WB
181Australia€ 3.437.341414.5872008FOX
182Enemy of the State€ 3.413.429579.4821999BVI
183Fast & Furious 5 (Fast Five)€ 3.411.518428.7942011UPI
184Unbreakable€ 3.401.993517.4022001BVI
185Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
186Miss Congeniality€ 3.333.305528.4332001WB
187WALL•E€ 3.332.160512.2452008WDS
188The Firm€ 3.326.739470.8511993UIP
189Turbo€ 3.322.039415.4332013FOX
190Die Hard: With a Vengeance€ 3.317.683644.9061995BVI
191There's Something About Mary€ 3.294.350570.5461998FOX
192Home Alone 2: Lost in New York€ 3.293.113621.4181992FOX
193Transformers: Age of Extinction€ 3.285.9292014UPI
194Ocean's Thirteen€ 3.276.132438.0442007WB
195The Mummy€ 3.260.208563.5881999UIP
196Magic Mike€ 3.252.803403.8402012AFD
197American Pie 2€ 3.243.796493.9962001UIP
19812 Years a Slave€ 3.241.3002014IF
199Hancock€ 3.238.037425.3442008SPR
200Dinosaur€ 3.202.306574.8842000BVI


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