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4301The Happy Film (2016)€ 6.373915AMF
4302Pecker (1998)€ 6.3531.0002017PAR
4303Ride with the Devil (1999)€ 6.3531.0002000WWE
4304Summer of Sam (1999)€ 6.3532.0002000BVI
4305Year of the Horse (1997)€ 6.3531.0002000ARG
4306Light Years (2015)€ 6.3159921998CM
4307The General (1926)€ 6.3081.0222016EYE
4308Kaboom (2010)€ 6.1789682016BFD
4309The 39 Steps (1935)€ 6.0001.0002011FM
4310Amreeka (2009)€ 6.0001.0002009CNA
4311The King is Alive (2000)€ 6.0001.0002009WWE
4312Live Forever (2003)€ 6.0001.0002001TLP
4313Mary (2005)€ 6.0001.0002003PAR
4314One Perfect Day (2004)€ 6.0001.0002006WWE
4315Opal Dream (2005)€ 6.0001.0002004AFD
4316Raging Bull (1980)€ 6.0002006FM
4317The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island (2009)€ 6.0001.0001981AFD
4318Ruta del Jaca (2005)€ 6.0001.0002010CD
4319The Salton Sea (2002)€ 6.0001.0002009WB
4320She Hate Me (2004)€ 6.0001.0002002AFD
4321Shooting Dogs (2005)
   Beyond the Gates
€ 6.0001.0002005AFD
4322Slovenka (2009)
   Slovenian Girl
€ 6.0001.0002006AMF
4323Yasmin (2004)€ 6.0001.0002010WWE
4324Supernova (2000)€ 5.8991.0002005UIP
4325How to Change the World (2015)€ 5.8748222000CD
4326Bumblefuck, USA (2011)€ 5.8128042015CM
4327Dawson City: Frozen Time (2016)€ 5.6968172012EYE
4328The Death of Antonio Sánchez Lomas (2019)€ 5.5405872018WMF
4329The Manchurian Candidate (1962)€ 5.5317612020EYE
4330Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)€ 5.4908332012EYE
4331The Green Fog (2017)€ 5.4887192015EYE
4332The House of Yes (1997)€ 5.4451.0002019WWE
4333Batman and Harley Quinn (2017)€ 5.4071998WB
4334Lamentations of Judas (2020)€ 5.3636042017CD
4335Phil Lynott: Songs for While I'm Away (2020)€ 5.3394622020POM
4336What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire? (2018)€ 5.3187002020EYE
4337The Other Side (2015)€ 5.2447092019EYE
4338Permanent Vacation (1980)€ 5.2328142016EYE
4339White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)€ 5.2247402017LUM
4340Glassland (2014)€ 5.2178072014JFD
4341Hello I Must Be Going (2012)€ 5.1417372015WBU
4342Big Miracle (2012)€ 5.0731.4582013UPI
4343The Eyes of My Mother (2016)€ 5.0686982012PER
43443000 Miles to Graceland (2001)€ 5.0001.0002017WB
4345Adrenaline (2003)€ 5.0002001AFD
4346Bad News Bears (2005)€ 5.0001.0002003UIP
4347Chasing Liberty (2004)€ 5.0001.0002006WB
4348Frailty (2001)€ 5.0001.0002004IFD
4349The Good Heart (2009)€ 5.0001.0002002WBU
4350Humpday (2009)€ 5.0001.0002010WBU


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