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4251The Congress (2013)€ 11.0891.743CNA
4252Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer (2019)€ 11.0551.3752014EYE
4253Cold Souls (2009)€ 11.0002.0002019WBU
4254Eraserhead (1977)€ 11.0002010EYE
4255Get Carter (2000)€ 11.0002.0001983WB
4256Grace Is Gone (2007)€ 11.0002.0002001PAR
4257The Great Raid (2005)€ 11.0002.0002008WWE
4258The Messenger (2009)€ 11.0002.0002006WWE
4259The Misfits (1961)€ 11.0002.0002010FM
4260The Shining (1980)€ 11.0002003WB
4261Somersault (2004)€ 11.0002.00019801MF
4262Stage Beauty (2004)€ 11.0002.0002006AFD
4263Unfinished Sky (2007)€ 11.0003.0002004AFD
4264When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)€ 11.0002.0002008AFD
4265The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai (2017)€ 10.8931.2582008ONB
4266The Last Male on Earth (2019)
   Last Male Standing
€ 10.7111.5252018CD
4267Southbound (2015)€ 10.6811.7962019JFD
4268Watermark (2013)€ 10.6711.5712016CNA
4269Stand By Your President (2014)€ 10.6581.4272014CD
4270For Those in Peril (2013)€ 10.6401.6362015AMF
4271Iron Sky: The Coming Race (2019)€ 10.3871.5062014SPL
4272Petting Zoo (2015)€ 10.2771.5882019CM
4273The Islands and the Whales (2016)€ 10.2631.5242016AMF
4274The Barefoot Emperor (2019)€ 10.2231.2932017CM
4275Bittersweet (2014)€ 10.1931.3102020AFD
4276Song from the Forest (2013)€ 10.1681.4432014AMF
4277Ace in the Hole (1951)€ 10.1401.4842014EYE
4278Mistaken for Strangers (2013)€ 10.0351.3742018IMA
4279The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)€ 10.0002.0002014WB
4280Agnes Browne (1999)€ 10.0003.0002002UIP
4281Beyond the Rocks (1922)€ 10.0002.0002001FM
4282Biggie and Tupac (2002)€ 10.0002.0002005TLP
4283The Black Balloon (2008)€ 10.0002.0002003WWE
4284The Cove (2009)€ 10.0002.0002008BFD
4285Death of a President (2006)€ 10.0002.0002009AFD
4286Free Rainer (2007)€ 10.0002.0002007CM
4287Hellbent (2004)€ 10.0002.0002008CM
4288Jason X (2001)€ 10.0002.0002006PAR
4289Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (2009)€ 10.0001.0002002WDS
4290Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (2005)€ 10.0002.0002009PAR
4291See You in Vegas (2007)€ 10.0002.0002006IF
4292En soap (2006)€ 10.0002.0002007AFD
4293The Soul of a Man (2003)€ 10.0002.00020071MF
4294SuperTex (2003)€ 10.0002.0002004AFD
4295The Yes Men (2003)€ 10.0002.0002004PAR
4296YPF (2007)
   Young People Fucking
€ 10.0002.0002005WWE
4297Ratcatcher (1999)€ 9.9832.0002008AFD
4298Twenty Four Seven (1997)€ 9.9832.0002000ARG
4299How to Meet a Mermaid (2016)€ 9.9661.5091998CD
4300Next Goal Wins (2014)€ 9.9081.3922017SEP


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