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4101The Salton Sea€ 6.0001.000WB
4102She Hate Me€ 6.0001.0002002AFD
4103Shooting Dogs (Beyond the Gates)€ 6.0001.0002005AFD
4104Slovenka (Slovenian Girl)€ 6.0001.0002006AMF
4105Yasmin€ 6.0001.0002010WWE
4106Ternet ninja (De wraak van de ninja)€ 5.9262005JFD
4107Supernova€ 5.8991.0002020UIP
4108How to Change the World€ 5.8748222000CD
4109Bumblefuck, USA€ 5.8128042015CM
4110Dawson City: Frozen Time€ 5.6968172012EYE
4111The Manchurian Candidate€ 5.5317612018EYE
4112Invasion of the Body Snatchers€ 5.4908332012EYE
4113The Green Fog€ 5.4887192015EYE
4114The House of Yes€ 5.4451.0002019WWE
4115Batman and Harley Quinn€ 5.4071998WB
4116What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire?€ 5.3187002017EYE
4117The Other Side€ 5.2447092019EYE
4118Permanent Vacation€ 5.2328142016EYE
4119White Bird in a Blizzard€ 5.2247402017LUM
4120Glassland€ 5.2178072014JFD
4121Hello I Must Be Going€ 5.1417372015WBU
4122Big Miracle€ 5.0731.4582013UPI
4123The Eyes of My Mother€ 5.0686982012PER
41243000 Miles to Graceland€ 5.0001.0002017WB
4125Adrenaline€ 5.0002001AFD
4126Bad News Bears€ 5.0001.0002003UIP
4127Chasing Liberty€ 5.0001.0002006WB
4128Frailty€ 5.0001.0002004IFD
4129The Good Heart€ 5.0001.0002002WBU
4130Humpday€ 5.0001.0002010WBU
4131A Little Trip to Heaven€ 5.0001.0002010AFD
4132On the Line€ 5.0001.0002006WWE
4133P.S.€ 5.0001.0002002AFD
4134Turtle: The Incredible Journey€ 5.0001.0002005IF
4135What Just Happened€ 5.0001.0002009PAR
4136Alegría€ 4.9921.0002009RCV
4137Mom and Dad€ 4.9257301999UPI
4138Greencard Warriors€ 4.9231.0322018AMF
4139Brawl in Cell Block 99€ 4.7246842015UPI
4140Layla Fourie€ 4.6936712018SEP
4141Fatal Reaction: Bombay€ 4.5381.0002014CM
4142Miss Julie€ 4.5381.0001998IFD
4143Unconditional€ 4.5146482000ART
4144The State Against Mandela and the Others€ 4.5056102013AMF
4145Modern Times€ 4.5006922018EYE
4146We Are What We Are€ 4.4706782013CNA
4147The Legend of Longwood€ 4.4079422014JFD
4148More Human Than Human€ 4.2566112015PER
414911-11-11€ 4.2246512018JFD
4150Getting Go, the Go Doc Project€ 4.1855412011CM


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