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3501Equals€ 39.7456.135WWE
3502Baciami ancora (Kiss Me Again)€ 39.6205.8512016WBU
3503The King (Promised Land)€ 39.6055.2792011PER
3504Moonwalkers€ 39.2256.2162018IF
3505Jimi: All Is By My Side€ 39.1995.2522016CNA
3506Ask Dr. Ruth€ 39.1415.0132015CPF
3507The Bay€ 39.0796.3242019DFW
3508Revenge of the Green Dragons€ 39.0776.2702012DFW
3509Chill Factor€ 39.0006.0002014PAR
3510Grizzly Man€ 39.0006.0002001AFD
3511Hollywood Ending€ 39.0006.0002005AFD
3512The House of Mirth€ 39.0007.0002002WWE
3513Modigliani€ 39.0006.0002001WWE
3514My Life Without Me€ 39.0007.0002005AFD
3515Penelope€ 39.0006.0002003WWE
3516Possession€ 39.0006.0002008WB
3517Things We Lost in the Fire€ 39.0007.0002002UPI
3518Without a Paddle€ 39.0006.0002008UIP
3519Human Flow€ 38.7305.7562005IF
3520Blaze€ 38.5494.8112017SPL
3521The Duke of Burgundy€ 38.4545.0032019CM
3522The Awakening€ 38.2885.7542015FFD
3523City of Violence (Zulu)€ 38.2392013FFD
3524True History of the Kelly Gang€ 38.0012014SEA
3525Chi bi (Red Cliff)€ 38.0006.0002020IF
3526Ordinary Decent Criminal€ 38.0006.0002009IF
3527Sabah (Coldwater)€ 38.0007.0002001CM
3528Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself€ 38.0008.0002006AFD
3529City of Ghosts€ 37.6105.1552003PER
3530Woman€ 37.5572017CPF
3531Kill Your Darlings€ 37.0545.4282020LUM
3532The Anniversary Party€ 37.0006.0002014PAR
3533Catfish€ 37.0005.0002002WBU
3534Charlie St. Cloud€ 37.0005.0002010UPI
3535Dark Water€ 37.0005.0002010BVI
3536Garden State€ 37.0006.0002005BVI
3537Snow Cake€ 37.0006.0002005AFD
3538Gambit€ 36.9895.1342006PAR
3539Freeheld€ 36.8645.1742013SEP
3540The Hanging Garden€ 36.7565.0002016WWE
3541The Domino Effect€ 36.3325.2561998BFD
3542I Am Not a Witch€ 36.2114.9082012SPL
3543Manglehorn€ 36.1754.9852018SEP
3544Love€ 36.1544.1112016CNA
3545Anonymous€ 36.0905.1762015SPR
3546Brick€ 36.0007.0002011WWE
3547Crossing Over€ 36.0006.0002006PAR
3548The Dead Girl€ 36.0006.0002009WWE
3549Frozen River€ 36.0006.0002007AFD
3550Kandahar (Safar e Ghandehar)€ 36.0006.0002009FM


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