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2451Bad Santa 2€ 185.64424.0712016WWE
2452The Eagle€ 185.61427.7172011WWE
2453Down€ 185.00027.0002001BVI
2454What the Bleep Do We Know!?€ 185.00028.0002005CM
2455Lake Placid€ 184.68929.0002000FOX
2456The Strangers 2: Prey at Night€ 184.46822.5302018SEA
2457Welcome to the Jungle (The Rundown)€ 184.00026.0002004CTF
2458Ever After€ 183.32733.0001999FOX
2459Dark Places€ 183.17024.2772015AFD
2460Never Let Me Go€ 183.14626.7572011FOX
2461Seeking Justice€ 183.04325.8332012DFW
2462HHhH (The Man with the Iron Heart)€ 182.63124.3032017PAR
2463Fences€ 182.46824.1302017UPI
2464Clouds of Sils Maria€ 182.02127.3802014FFD
2465Laura's Star (Lauras Stern)€ 182.00032.0002005WB
2466Nowhere Boy€ 182.00027.0002010AFD
2467Tristan + Isolde€ 182.00029.0002006BFD
2468Foxtrot€ 181.21924.6642018SEP
246928 Days€ 181.05828.0002000CTF
2470Lucky€ 180.89123.7712018FFD
2471Silence€ 180.89022.6522017PAR
2472Bend It Like Beckham€ 180.00032.0002002AFD
2473Destroyer€ 179.6792019SEA
2474Mary Magdalene€ 179.66121.6792018SPR
2475Diana€ 179.41824.9372013CNA
2476The Hurricane€ 179.24338.0002000WWE
2477Juliet, Naked€ 178.91223.3072018SPR
2478The Aftermath€ 178.6612019FOX
2479The Happy Prince€ 178.53423.0572018SEP
2480Analyze That€ 178.00026.0002003WB
2481Bobby€ 178.00028.0002007BFD
2482The Young Victoria€ 178.00028.0002009PAR
2483The Sessions€ 177.77125.4892013FOX
2484The Crucifixion€ 177.15622.8752017DFW
2485The Forbidden Kingdom€ 177.00032.0002008IF
2486The Pledge€ 177.00027.0002001WB
2487Bait€ 176.38820.2402012DFW
2488Ruth & Alex€ 176.02823.7952015DFW
2489Miss Potter€ 176.00027.0002007WWE
2490Pride and Glory€ 176.00025.0002008WWE
2491The Core€ 175.00027.0002003UIP
2492Elegy€ 175.00032.0002008WWE
2493Open Water€ 175.00025.0002004IF
2494The Uninvited€ 175.00024.0002009UPI
2495How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Get the Gringo)€ 174.21524.4602012PAR
2496Under the Skin€ 174.19323.6632014AFD
2497Woodstock€ 174.1582019WB
2498Bad Santa€ 174.00026.0002004WWE
2499Carriers€ 174.00030.0002009IF
2500Last Chance Harvey€ 174.00027.0002009WWE


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