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3701Henry's Crime€ 20.4213.4232011WWE
3702Head On€ 20.4204.0002000CM
3703Noma - My Perfect Storm€ 20.1852.8972016SEP
3704Lost River€ 20.0212.7992015CNA
3705Alexandra's Project€ 20.0004.0002003PAR
3706Angel Eyes€ 20.0003.0002001WB
3707Dear Frankie€ 20.0004.00020051MF
3708Dogtown and Z-Boys€ 20.0004.0002002CM
3709Human Nature€ 20.0004.0002002AFD
3710Mysterious Skin€ 20.0003.00020051MF
3711Shortbus€ 20.0003.0002006AFD
3712Bel Ami€ 19.9832.9942012IF
3713Beefcake€ 19.9664.0002000ONB
3714Gladiator€ 19.8842.9492018ONB
3715My Foolish Heart€ 19.7802.5922018SEP
3716The End of the Tour€ 19.6842.8792015SEA
3717Shell€ 19.6762.9332014FFD
3718Bulworth€ 19.5133.0001999
3719Ulee's Gold€ 19.5135.0001998PAR
3720Eraserhead€ 19.3593.3272017EYE
3721Doug's 1st Movie€ 19.0595.0001999
3722Shooting Fish€ 19.0594.0001998PFED
3723The Apartment€ 19.0003.0002004FM
3724The Big White€ 19.0003.0002005WWE
3725Charlotte Gray€ 19.0003.0002002UIP
3726The Château€ 19.0003.0002002CM
3727Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room€ 19.0003.0002006PAR
3728Full Frontal€ 19.0003.0002002WWE
3729It's All Gone Pete Tong€ 19.0004.0002005AFD
3730The Life and Death of Peter Sellers€ 19.0003.0002005AFD
3731The Meerkats€ 19.0003.0002009WBU
3732Ricky€ 19.0003.0002009CNA
3733Shrink€ 19.0003.0002009AFD
3734Stop-Loss€ 19.0003.0002008UPI
3735Yes€ 19.0003.0002005WWE
3736Lay the Favourite€ 18.9922.9632013WBU
3737Journeyman€ 18.8122.6702018SPL
3738The Acid House€ 18.6054.0001999
3739Snow Falling on Cedars€ 18.6053.0002000UIP
3740Sleeping Beauty€ 18.6012.7062012WBU
3741Double Indemnity€ 18.2612.5912018EYE
3742Connie and Carla€ 18.0003.0002004IF
3743Garage€ 18.0003.0002009ML
3744Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School€ 18.0003.0002006ML
3745Palindromes€ 18.0003.0002005PAR
3746Walking Tall€ 18.0002.0002004FOX
3747The Wedding Ringer€ 17.9653.1832015UPI
3748Brigsby Bear€ 17.9642.6362017SPR
3749Yalom's Cure€ 17.6982.4282015CM
3750Bedrooms and Hallways€ 17.6974.0001999


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