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2101The Book Thief€ 274.08538.0912014FOX
2102Dragonfly€ 274.00043.0002002BVI
2103Eastern Promises€ 273.00041.0002007RCV
2104Lady in the Water€ 273.00052.0002006WB
2105Transporter 3€ 273.00038.0002009RCV
2106Planet 51€ 272.00041.0002010IF
2107Stuck On You€ 272.00040.0002004FOX
2108Stigmata€ 271.81443.0002000UIP
2109Walk of Shame€ 271.72938.1722014DFW
2110A Hologram for the King€ 271.04036.1402016PAR
2111The Art of War€ 271.00042.0002001NFFC
2112Disgrace€ 271.00041.0002009AFD
2113Goal!€ 271.00044.0002005BVI
2114Unsane€ 270.9772018FOX
2115Gold€ 270.88137.3802017SEA
2116The Man Who Knew Infinity€ 270.42136.7582016PAR
2117The Founder€ 269.95637.0632017SEA
2118Boogie Nights€ 269.54546.0001998PFED
2119One Day€ 269.44738.9362011BFD
2120Bewitched€ 269.00039.0002005SPR
2121The Skulls€ 268.18445.0002000PAR
2122Bullet to the Head€ 267.61838.4392013E1
2123Get Rich or Die Tryin'€ 267.00037.0002006UIP
2124Jane Eyre€ 266.74939.9842011AFD
2125Sin City: A Dame to Kill For€ 266.45732.3702014IF
2126Love and Honor€ 266.35335.6122013DFW
2127Playing for Keeps€ 266.13935.6202012DFW
2128Goosebumps€ 265.31830.8222016UPI
2129The Night Before€ 265.01534.5332015UPI
2130Somewhere€ 263.07041.2412011AFD
2131Dead Man Down€ 262.05136.4852013E1
2132The Butterfly Effect€ 262.00039.0002004PAR
2133The Cat in the Hat€ 262.00045.0002004UIP
2134Chloe€ 262.00036.0002010UPI
2135P.S., I Love You€ 262.00035.0002007IF
2136The Road to El Dorado€ 261.83150.0002000ONB
2137Coraline€ 261.00040.0002009UPI
2138The Hole€ 261.00039.0002001AFD
2139The Perfect Man€ 261.00040.0002005UIP
2140Don't Be Afraid of the Dark€ 260.92434.9682011DFW
2141High Crimes€ 260.00040.0002002FOX
2142A Mighty Heart€ 260.00038.0002007UPI
2143La isla mínima (Marshland)€ 259.31934.8282015CNA
2144St. Vincent€ 258.96836.7032014PAR
2145Replicas€ 258.7692019DFW
2146It Follows€ 258.66332.8422015AFD
2147It Comes at Night€ 258.55833.2032017SPL
2148Little Miss Sunshine€ 258.00037.0002006FOX
2149Gifted€ 257.70335.9042017FOX
215050/50€ 257.51737.9382011DFW


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