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201Transformers: Dark of the Moon€ 3.986.756400.9252011UPI
202Gravity€ 3.979.859397.4662013WB
203Interstellar€ 3.978.899436.5612014WB
204Sex and the City 2€ 3.962.773483.7942010WB
205Thor: Ragnarok€ 3.961.025393.5172017WDS
206Toy Story 4€ 3.950.4222019WDS
207Beauty and the Beast€ 3.943.054802.7231992BVI
208Armageddon€ 3.933.443746.6881998BVI
209Ralph Breaks the Internet€ 3.917.973463.0542018WDS
210Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Roadtrip€ 3.915.728558.0342016WB
211Johnny English€ 3.909.973593.9212003UIP
212Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith€ 3.909.886561.8112005FOX
213Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol€ 3.903.945459.7872011UPI
214Despicable Me€ 3.900.840474.3292010UPI
215Rapunzel (Tangled)€ 3.884.730475.4502010WDS
216Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation€ 3.875.517439.2812015UPI
217Slumdog Millionaire€ 3.871.981545.7232009CNA
218Captain America: Civil War€ 3.860.643392.8442016WDS
219Kung Fu Panda 2€ 3.847.462463.6052011UPI
220The King's Speech€ 3.844.497501.7652011PAR
221Shark Tale€ 3.835.322615.2392004UIP
222The Adventures of Tintin€ 3.826.190424.9622011SPR
223Angry Birds: The Movie€ 3.812.423497.9182016UPI
224The Matrix Revolutions€ 3.785.117531.8032003WB
225The Matrix€ 3.781.326678.1151999WB
226The Flintstones€ 3.779.715692.8121994UIP
227Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials€ 3.778.132409.6552015FOX
228The BFG (De GVR)€ 3.743.773453.6542016WWE
229The Horse Whisperer€ 3.742.643571.8651998BVI
230Mr. & Mrs. Smith€ 3.725.931531.4332005FOX
231The Penguins of Madagascar€ 3.718.504469.3082014FOX
232How to Train Your Dragon 3 (Hoe tem je een draak 3)€ 3.703.7002019FOX
233Speed€ 3.699.930677.4421994FOX
234Kong: Skull Island€ 3.694.711378.0262017WB
235Mission: Impossible€ 3.694.440633.0781996UIP
236Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice€ 3.691.419389.8412016WB
237Trolls€ 3.683.513478.9022016FOX
238The Meg€ 3.681.622356.3912018WB
239The Last Samurai€ 3.679.316561.2982004WB
240The Hunger Games€ 3.675.860458.8162012IF
24122 Jump Street€ 3.673.108448.6762014UPI
242The Hangover€ 3.659.687489.4902009WB
243Charlie's Angels€ 3.657.854567.7592000CTF
244Step Up 3D€ 3.632.215410.8202010IF
245Lethal Weapon 3€ 3.607.758648.8861992WB
246The Good Dinosaur€ 3.579.723462.8822015WDS
247What Lies Beneath€ 3.570.311552.9032000FOX
248Ransom€ 3.561.476597.0651997BVI
249The Discovery of Heaven€ 3.553.000531.0002001WWE
250The Croods€ 3.552.153432.2752013FOX


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