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2351Hysteria€ 152.06921.6842011PAR
2352Desert Flower€ 152.00023.0002010CNA
2353Journey to the Center of the Earth€ 152.00022.0002008WB
2354The Lost City€ 152.00027.0002006RCV
2355A Sound of Thunder€ 152.00022.0002005ML
2356HHhH (The Man with the Iron Heart)€ 151.5542017PAR
2357Frankenweenie€ 151.04117.2382012WDS
2358Nothing Personal€ 151.00023.0002009CD
2359Teaching Mrs. Tingle€ 150.65526.0002000RCV
2360Big Eyes€ 150.57120.7242015CNA
2361Blood Father€ 150.53820.2282016SF
2362One Night Stand€ 150.20127.0001998PFED
2363Che: Part One€ 150.00022.0002009WBU
2364Resident Evil: Extinction€ 150.00021.0002007RCV
2365Winter's Tale€ 149.92919.6792014WB
2366Be Kind Rewind€ 149.00024.0002008AFD
2367The Boat That Rocked€ 149.00023.0002009UPI
2368Solace€ 148.85020.0032015E1
2369Meneer Pluizenbol (Nine Lives)€ 148.47221.5142016IF
2370The Tango Lesson€ 148.38624.0001998CON
2371Alex Cross€ 148.34122.1502012DFW
2372All Is Lost€ 148.19320.3422014UPI
2373Bordertown€ 148.00028.0002007IF
2374The Debt€ 147.63621.2002011UPI
2375Janis: Little Girl Blue€ 147.53318.8632016ONB
2376Machete Kills€ 147.48821.1932013IF
2377Love Is Strange€ 147.35819.8572015SEP
2378The Informant!€ 146.00022.0002009WB
2379Monster-in-Law€ 146.00022.0002005PAR
2380Ripley's Game€ 146.00026.0002003RCV
2381Fruitvale Station€ 145.91322.7632014AFD
2382Our Kind of Traitor€ 145.31620.0472016E1
2383Death at a Funeral€ 145.00025.0002007RCV
2384The Gingerbread Man€ 144.75633.0001998PFED
2385Risen€ 144.02317.9242016UPI
2386Elephant€ 144.00024.0002004AFD
2387Lockout€ 143.25621.3792012E1
2388Planet Terror€ 143.00025.0002007AFD
2389Run, Fatboy, Run€ 143.00022.0002007RCV
2390Maudie€ 142.9752017IMA
2391Bicentennial Man€ 142.94125.0002000ONB
2392The Love Punch€ 142.79519.1952014FFD
2393Their Finest€ 142.7472017SEA
2394Stolen€ 142.50720.7012013E1
2395Reindeer Games€ 142.48724.0002000RCV
2396The Edge€ 141.57926.0001998CTF
2397Hyde Park on Hudson€ 141.50621.0812013BFD
2398Take This Waltz€ 141.46520.4102012E1
2399The Iceman€ 140.90420.8962013DFW
2400The Last Exorcism: God Asks, The Devil Commands€ 140.48818.1842013E1


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