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651The Pacifier€ 1.803.391273.5512005BVI
652Iron Man 2€ 1.802.979223.3332010UPI
653The Conjuring 2€ 1.802.806206.3422016WB
654White Chicks€ 1.800.211258.1592004CTF
655Junior€ 1.800.202328.5531994UIP
656The Wolverine€ 1.799.965194.5782013FOX
657Mary Poppins Returns€ 1.799.753210.1642018WDS
658Paddington 2€ 1.796.678246.0052017IF
659Robin Hood€ 1.795.983211.4772018IF
660Clash of the Titans€ 1.794.676188.9662010WB
661Scream 3€ 1.794.547300.5002000WWE
662Dolittle€ 1.792.2842020UPI
663The Lion King 3D€ 1.791.620208.8052011WDS
664The Italian Job€ 1.788.956268.2022003UIP
665How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days€ 1.780.888317.6452003UIP
666The Haunting€ 1.780.760302.6411999UIP
667Kill Bill: Vol. 2€ 1.770.858238.2972004WWE
668The Little Mermaid (De kleine zeemeermin)€ 1.769.179392.0261990BVI
669Scary Movie 4€ 1.768.920253.3802006BVI
670American Gangster€ 1.767.075216.9032007UPI
671Bad Neighbours 2€ 1.762.963215.3752016UPI
672Public Enemies€ 1.761.575229.7462009UPI
673America's Sweethearts€ 1.760.000264.0002001CTF
674The Mask€ 1.758.303349.7021994IF
675The Shape of Water€ 1.756.328215.0942018FOX
676Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties€ 1.752.059329.6842006FOX
677Godzilla€ 1.750.401302.2711998CTF
678The Specialist€ 1.749.785327.9921994WB
679Oz: The Great and Powerful€ 1.747.660185.3472013WDS
680Death Becomes Her€ 1.746.099324.5261993UIP
681Kapitein Onderbroek: Het eerste grote avontuur (Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie)€ 1.739.954229.5332017FOX
682The Accountant€ 1.739.941209.7932016WB
683X-Men 2: X-Men United (X2)€ 1.738.795254.8212003FOX
684This Means War€ 1.738.650224.3392012WB
685Going in Style€ 1.738.189212.6362017WB
686Music and Lyrics€ 1.736.238240.2402007WB
687Inside Man€ 1.731.914241.5742006UIP
688Vanilla Sky€ 1.727.000252.0002002UIP
689While You Were Sleeping€ 1.725.112306.9701995BVI
690Final Destination€ 1.724.677281.7622000WWE
691The Final Destination€ 1.724.167189.9392009WB
692The Distinguished Gentleman€ 1.718.487309.1031993BVI
693The Iron Lady€ 1.716.094224.2482012LUM
694Nanny McPhee€ 1.715.463287.4002006UIP
6952 Guns€ 1.711.724219.1972013UPI
696Don't Say a Word€ 1.705.000230.0002001FOX
697After Earth€ 1.704.499214.5622013SPR
698Bad Company€ 1.704.000282.0002002BVI
699Jingle All the Way€ 1.703.332299.5471996CTF
700The Green Mile€ 1.694.136241.7892000UIP


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