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3351Charade€ 33.0006.0002004FM
3352The Escapist€ 33.0005.0002009CNA
3353Hallam Foe (Mister Foe)€ 33.0007.0002008ML
3354The Yards€ 33.0007.0002001RCV
3355Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back€ 32.8894.1182011E1
3356Out of Love€ 32.7494.4722016CM
3357For Love of the Game€ 32.6725.0002000UIP
3358By the Sea€ 32.6514.3032015UPI
3359Safety Not Guaranteed€ 32.5804.9422013AFD
3360Howl€ 32.5635.1082011AFD
3361A Ghost Story€ 32.3104.5162017UPI
3362Chasing Amy€ 32.2187.0001998RCV
3363Return to Me€ 32.2186.0002000UIP
3364Vatel€ 32.2186.0002000ONB
3365The Last Son (Chappaquiddick)€ 32.1032018SEA
33662 Days in Paris€ 32.0005.0002007ML
3367Bless the Child€ 32.0006.0002001IF
3368Moon€ 32.0005.0002009AFD
3369Tideland€ 32.0005.0002006AFD
3370Unmade Beds€ 32.0005.0002009CNA
3371Chinese Box€ 31.7657.0001998RCV
3372The Trip to Spain€ 31.4952018SEP
3373Inch'Allah€ 31.4324.4562013CNA
3374Ain't Them Bodies Saints€ 31.0225.6262014AFD
3375Affliction€ 31.0006.0002001PAR
3376Clerks II€ 31.0006.0002006RCV
3377A Good Woman€ 31.0005.0002005PAR
3378It's a Free World...€ 31.0005.0002008AFD
3379Me and Orson Welles€ 31.0005.0002010ML
3380Once€ 31.0005.0002007PAR
3381The Return€ 31.0005.0002007UPI
3382The Secret Life of Words€ 31.0005.0002006RCV
3383Nightwatch€ 30.8576.0001998RCV
3384Sing Street€ 30.4004.9102016IF
3385Dance Academy: The Movie€ 30.0644.2372017JFD
3386Alien€ 30.0001979FOX
3387The Good Girl€ 30.0005.0002003IF
3388Jesus Camp€ 30.0005.0002007AFD
3389Last Days€ 30.0005.0002005AFD
3390Lesbian Vampire Killers€ 30.0005.0002009EFP
3391The Life Before Her Eyes€ 30.0005.0002008PAR
3392Nightwatching€ 30.0005.0002008BFD
3393Skin€ 30.0005.0002009EFP
3394Breakfast at Tiffany's€ 29.9704.0422013EYE
3395The Disappearance of Alice Creed€ 29.7865.2462011BFD
3396Shadow World€ 29.6963.9702016PER
3397Eisenstein in Guanajuato€ 29.5754.0412015CM
3398Samuel in the Clouds€ 29.4564.1482016CD
3399Ask the Dust€ 29.0005.0002006BFD
3400Incendiary€ 29.0005.0002009RCV


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