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2101Tsotsi€ 245.00038.0002006ML
2102The Bachelor€ 244.58842.0002000RCV
2103In & Out€ 243.68043.0001998UIP
2104Hit & Run€ 243.39634.5252012IF
2105Frequency€ 243.22641.0002000RCV
2106Remember the Titans€ 243.00041.0002001BVI
2107Species II€ 242.77241.0001998UIP
2108Space Cowboys€ 242.31940.0002000WB
2109Sexy Beast€ 242.00037.0002001IF
2110Jurassic Park 3D€ 241.62427.0492013UPI
2111Ratchet and Clank€ 241.57032.0802016E1
2112A United Kingdom€ 241.1772017PAR
2113The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans€ 241.00035.0002010BFD
2114Good Night, and Good Luck€ 241.00036.0002006PAR
2115Tully€ 240.7902018SEA
2116Regression€ 240.00731.1812015E1
2117Darkness€ 240.00037.0002003AFD
2118The Duchess€ 240.00037.0002009CNA
2119A History of Violence€ 240.00035.0002005RCV
2120Detachment€ 238.45532.9472012WBU
2121Two for the Money€ 238.00035.0002006IF
2122Disaster Movie€ 237.00040.0002008RCV
2123Doubt€ 237.00037.0002009WDS
2124Dark Skies€ 236.32831.9332013E1
2125The Drop€ 236.20932.9672014FOX
2126Love, Simon€ 236.0282018FOX
2127Heaven€ 236.00039.0002002RCV
2128Thirteen Days€ 236.00037.0002001RCV
2129The Water Horse€ 236.00035.0002008SPR
2130The Founder€ 235.6212017SEA
2131The Space Between Us€ 235.1422017SEA
2132Firewall€ 235.00035.0002006WB
2133Hannah Montana: The Movie€ 235.00037.0002009WDS
2134Kundun€ 234.60438.0001998RCV
2135The Woman in Black: Angel of Death€ 233.64229.5522015E1
2136The Bye Bye Man€ 233.2512017SEA
2137Raise Your Voice€ 233.00035.0002005ML
2138Two Night Stand€ 232.94131.9942014DFW
2139Fading Gigolo€ 232.37830.4862014FFD
2140Walk with Me€ 231.3092017CM
2141Cheaper by the Dozen€ 231.00038.0002004FOX
2142K-PAX€ 231.00037.0002002IF
2143Thunderbirds€ 231.00039.0002004UIP
2144Twisted€ 231.00034.0002004IF
2145Away From Her€ 230.00037.0002008AFD
2146Vampire Academy€ 229.24630.5222014DFW
2147The Wrestler€ 229.00033.0002009WBU
2148Warm Bodies€ 228.16133.0512013E1
2149The New World€ 228.00034.0002006RCV
215024 Hours to Live€ 227.2982018SEA


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