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2301The Fourth Kind€ 202.00028.0002010E1
2302Sleeping with Other People€ 201.83528.0762015DFW
2303Dope€ 201.67127.0852015UPI
230430 Days of Night€ 201.00028.0002007BFD
2305Before Sunset€ 201.00029.0002004WB
2306Hooligans€ 201.00032.0002005RCV
2307Meet the Robinsons€ 201.00031.0002007BVI
2308The Quiet American€ 201.00033.0002003PAR
2309The Secret of Moonacre€ 201.0002009RCV
2310The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning€ 201.00028.0002006RCV
2311Resident Evil: Retribution€ 200.98118.5432012SPR
2312The Salt of the Earth€ 200.92426.3382014CNA
2313The Royal Tenenbaums€ 200.00031.0002002BVI
2314Sanctum€ 199.97622.9222011PAR
2315Around the World in 80 Days€ 199.00030.0002004IF
2316Monster's Ball€ 199.00031.0002002IF
2317Zack and Miri Make a Porno€ 199.00031.0002009BFD
2318Paranoia€ 198.70430.5922013E1
2319Wanderlust€ 198.20028.1962012UPI
2320Pay It Forward€ 198.00032.0002001WB
2321Punch-Drunk Love€ 198.00035.0002003CTF
2322The Gift€ 197.91626.9892015SEA
2323The Insider€ 197.84834.0002000BVI
2324Saw€ 197.00034.0002005IP
2325The Time Traveler's Wife€ 197.00028.0002009WB
2326Vera Drake€ 197.00032.0002005AFD
2327My Week with Marilyn€ 196.84229.0462012PAR
2328Leave No Trace€ 194.7102018SPR
2329Bounce€ 194.00040.0002001RCV
2330The Two Faces of January€ 193.67126.6762014AFD
2331The Bling Ring€ 193.33327.8272013AFD
2332Incarnate€ 193.12223.7232016DFW
2333Nine€ 192.00028.0002010PAR
2334Over Her Dead Body€ 191.00029.0002008RCV
2335Ten Canoes€ 191.00031.0002007CM
2336You're Next€ 190.34625.5562013DFW
2337(500) Days of Summer€ 190.00033.0002009WB
2338Blades of Glory€ 190.00028.0002007UPI
2339The Last Station€ 190.00028.0002010E1
2340Lions for Lambs€ 190.00027.0002007FOX
2341Edison€ 189.00029.0002006IF
2342Hummingbird (Redemption)€ 188.94427.8732013DFW
2343The Gallows€ 188.59623.2472015WB
2344One Life€ 188.49526.5082011DFW
2345Zoolander 2€ 188.48423.9742016UPI
2346Act of Valor€ 188.48127.2652012AFD
2347Baby Geniuses€ 188.31942.0001999
2348Blues Brothers 2000€ 188.31942.0001998UIP
2349Bandslam€ 188.00031.0002009IF
2350Long Time Dead€ 188.00030.0002002UIP


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