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2301My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2€ 217.81328.2652016E1
2302The Dark Horse€ 217.73929.3932015IMA
2303The Box€ 217.00031.0002010BFD
2304Domino€ 217.00033.0002005RCV
2305Whatever Works€ 217.00031.0002009PAR
2306I Am Sam€ 216.00036.0002002RCV
2307I'm Not There.€ 216.00033.0002008AFD
2308The Trip€ 215.94830.3682011WBU
2309Best Night Ever€ 215.68729.6992014AFD
2310Live by Night€ 215.14629.0582017WB
2311Gossip€ 215.09236.0002000WB
2312Because I Said So€ 215.00032.0002007PAR
2313Corpse Bride€ 215.00030.0002005WB
2314Mortdecai€ 214.90829.6862015IF
2315Texas Chainsaw 3D€ 214.12923.3412013E1
2316Buried€ 214.00031.0002010E1
2317Fair Game€ 214.00030.0002010E1
2318An Education€ 213.00034.0002010AFD
2319The Ruins€ 213.00030.0002008UPI
2320What Maisie Knew€ 212.97230.6062013SEP
2321Nymphomaniac, Volume 1€ 212.27827.0422013SEP
2322Disobedience€ 212.0292018SPR
2323Alfie€ 212.00029.0002005UIP
2324Free Birds€ 211.79228.2412013AFD
2325The Next Best Thing€ 211.46237.0002000BVI
2326Ex_Machina€ 211.45428.7562015UPI
2327The Campaign€ 211.39530.5692012WB
2328EuroTrip€ 211.00035.0002004UIP
2329Maggie's Plan€ 210.54128.2522016IMA
2330American Ultra€ 210.28828.2082015E1
2331Suite Française€ 209.40129.1342015DFW
2332Shi mian mai fu (House of Flying Daggers)€ 209.00032.0002005RCV
2333The Disaster Artist€ 208.57326.3942017WB
2334License to Wed€ 208.00034.0002007WB
2335Maudie€ 207.81329.2322017IMA
2336The Gringo€ 207.6082018SEA
2337The Inbetweeners€ 207.47029.7572012E1
2338Suburbicon€ 207.41027.9772017SEA
2339Bringing Down the House€ 207.00035.0002003BVI
2340Heartbreakers€ 207.00031.0002001IF
2341The Joneses€ 207.00031.0002010BFD
2342Donnie Darko€ 206.00037.0002002AFD
2343Traitor€ 206.00029.0002009UPI
2344Serenity€ 205.5032019SEA
2345Out of the Furnace€ 205.23130.3542014DFW
2346Begin Again€ 204.87427.9732014E1
2347Hitchcock€ 204.33028.3472013FOX
2348The Crazies€ 204.00029.0002010AFD
2349Fantastic Mr. Fox€ 204.00031.0002010UPI
2350Nurse Betty€ 203.74734.0002000IF


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