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3301A Good Woman€ 31.0005.0002005PAR
3302It's a Free World...€ 31.0005.0002008AFD
3303Me and Orson Welles€ 31.0005.0002010ML
3304Once€ 31.0005.0002007PAR
3305The Return€ 31.0005.0002007UPI
3306The Secret Life of Words€ 31.0005.0002006RCV
3307Nightwatch€ 30.8576.0001998RCV
3308Sing Street€ 30.4004.9102016IF
3309Dance Academy: The Movie€ 30.0644.2372017JFD
3310Alien€ 30.0001979FOX
3311The Good Girl€ 30.0005.0002003IF
3312Jesus Camp€ 30.0005.0002007AFD
3313Last Days€ 30.0005.0002005AFD
3314Lesbian Vampire Killers€ 30.0005.0002009EFP
3315The Life Before Her Eyes€ 30.0005.0002008PAR
3316Nightwatching€ 30.0005.0002008BFD
3317Skin€ 30.0005.0002009EFP
3318Breakfast at Tiffany's€ 29.9704.0422013EYE
3319The Disappearance of Alice Creed€ 29.7865.2462011BFD
3320Shadow World€ 29.6963.9702016PER
3321Eisenstein in Guanajuato€ 29.5754.0412015CM
3322Samuel in the Clouds€ 29.4564.1482016CD
3323Ask the Dust€ 29.0005.0002006BFD
3324Incendiary€ 29.0005.0002009RCV
3325Transsiberian€ 29.0005.0002009PAR
3326Goodfellas€ 28.8803.7132017EYE
3327That Sugar Film€ 28.6934.1722016JFD
3328Lilting€ 28.5204.7262015CM
3329Black Gold€ 28.4904.5032012BFD
3330Miss Julie€ 28.4844.0272015FFD
3331Ella Enchanted€ 28.0005.0002004RCV
3332Igor€ 28.0004.0002009RCV
3333The Man from Elysian Fields€ 28.0006.0002003TLP
3334You Can Count On Me€ 28.0005.0002001UIP
3335Meek's Cutoff€ 27.3044.0462012EYE
3336Claire Dolan€ 27.2276.0001999ONB
3337Baby Mama€ 27.0004.0002008UPI
3338Hungry Hearts€ 26.9983.6852015AFD
3339Every Thing Will Be Fine€ 26.6463.5292015LUM
3340Into the Forest€ 26.1983.8982017JFD
3341West Side Story€ 26.1571962EYE
3342Bubble€ 26.0005.0002006PAR
3343Butterfly on a Wheel (Shattered)€ 26.0004.0002007RCV
3344Equilibrium€ 26.0005.0002003RCV
3345The Fountain€ 26.0004.0002007FOX
3346A Home at the End of the World€ 26.0004.0002004PAR
3347My Baby's Daddy€ 26.0003.0002004RCV
3348North Country€ 26.0004.0002006WB
3349Everybody Wants Some!!€ 25.5964.1772016JFD
3350Parkland€ 25.3294.2872014SEP


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