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3851Route Irish€ 12.7562.0442011CNA
3852Where the Heart Is€ 12.7063.0002000IFD
3853The Winslow Boy€ 12.7063.0002000CTF
3854We Come as Friends€ 12.6201.7282015PER
3855600 millas (600 Miles)€ 12.5341.8112015AMF
3856Behind the Lines (Regeneration)€ 12.2523.0001999
3857Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?€ 12.1791.8112015PER
3858Josie€ 12.0691.7572018DFW
3859Remainder€ 12.0601.7872016CM
3860Instant Dreams€ 12.0571.9582017CD
3861The Ward€ 12.0301.9062011AFD
3862George Michael: A Different Story€ 12.0002.0002006AFD
3863Gerry€ 12.0002.0002003IF
3864Immortel (Ad Vitam)€ 12.0002.0002004IF
3865The Limits of Control€ 12.0002.0002009AFD
3866Lou Reed's Berlin€ 12.0002.0002008BFD
3867Reconstruction€ 12.0002.00020041MF
3868RKO 281€ 12.0003.0002001CM
3869Secondhand Lions€ 12.0002.0002003WWE
3870Sweet Sixteen€ 12.0002.0002003AFD
3871Within the Whirlwind€ 12.0002.0002010PAR
3872You Kill Me€ 12.0002.0002007WWE
3873Dance Me to My Song€ 11.7983.0001999ONB
3874Election€ 11.7983.0002000UIP
3875Ringmaster€ 11.7982.0001998WWE
3876The Stoning of Soraya M.€ 11.7161.8102011ART
3877Chinatown€ 11.4661974CIC
3878Thunder Road€ 11.4022019SEP
3879Dead Man€ 11.3761.5772017EYE
3880Untouchable€ 11.3722019PAR
3881FairyTale: A True Story€ 11.3453.0001998BVI
3882Pasolini€ 11.2341.5432015CFC
3883Gimme Danger€ 11.2111.4292017SPL
3884Essential Killing€ 11.1901.8102011CNA
3885The Elephant Man€ 11.1511.5562018EYE
38865 Weddings€ 11.1281.5392018ONB
3887Videodrome€ 11.1112.0642014EYE
3888The Congress€ 11.0891.7432014CNA
3889Cold Souls€ 11.0002.0002010WBU
3890Eraserhead€ 11.0001983EYE
3891Get Carter€ 11.0002.0002001WB
3892Grace Is Gone€ 11.0002.0002008PAR
3893The Great Raid€ 11.0002.0002006WWE
3894The Messenger€ 11.0002.0002010WWE
3895The Misfits€ 11.0002.0002003FM
3896The Shining€ 11.0001980WB
3897Somersault€ 11.0002.00020061MF
3898Stage Beauty€ 11.0002.0002004AFD
3899Unfinished Sky€ 11.0003.0002008AFD
3900When Did You Last See Your Father?€ 11.0002.0002008AFD


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