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2601Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002010BFD
2602Mansfield Park€ 108.00020.0002000IFD
2603Oliver Twist€ 108.00018.0002005AFD
2604Seabiscuit€ 108.00016.0002004BVI
2605The Sapphires€ 107.82216.8922013PAR
2606Finding Forrester€ 107.00017.0002001CTF
2607The Nanny Diaries€ 107.00016.0002008PAR
2608The Shipping News€ 107.00018.0002002RCV
2609The Wings of the Dove€ 106.18520.0001998RCV
2610Copying Beethoven€ 106.00017.0002007BFD
2611In the Valley of Elah€ 106.00016.0002008RCV
2612Samsara€ 105.70914.2952013CM
2613Wolves€ 105.23115.4212015DFW
2614Sabotage€ 104.99715.8362014IF
2615I Am Wrath€ 104.95314.4152016DFW
2616ATM€ 104.51815.6012012DFW
2617Louder Than Bombs€ 104.46314.5712016RIL
2618Before the Devil Knows You're Dead€ 104.00015.0002008AFD
2619Queen of the Damned€ 104.00019.0002002WB
2620Scoop€ 104.00016.0002006AFD
2621Enough Said€ 103.49615.1582014FOX
2622The Sweet Hereafter€ 103.46220.0001998RCV
2623Paris Can Wait (Bonjour Anne)€ 103.4492017SPR
2624Joe€ 103.28615.3362014CNA
2625Birthday Girl€ 103.00018.0002002RCV
2626The Goddess of 1967€ 103.00024.0002001CM
2627The Midnight Meat Train€ 103.00017.0002008AFD
2628The Neon Demon€ 102.84714.7012016CNA
2629The Promise€ 102.7332017E1
2630Anomalisa€ 102.47113.9042016UPI
2631The Taking of Deborah Logan€ 102.41313.4162015AMF
2632Mrs. Dalloway€ 102.10117.0001998RCV
2633Infamous€ 102.00018.0002007BFD
2634Inkheart€ 102.00015.0002009PAR
2635Seed of Chucky€ 102.00014.0002004RCV
2636Shoot 'Em Up€ 102.00016.0002007IF
2637Enemy€ 101.98014.4322014FFD
2638Jersey Boys€ 101.83714.8662014WB
2639Rabbit Hole€ 101.70416.4202011BFD
2640A Monster Calls€ 101.6852017IF
2641Holy Motors€ 101.56513.9932012CNA
2642Inland Empire€ 101.00014.0002007AFD
2643Take the Lead€ 101.00015.0002006PAR
2644Transamerica€ 101.00015.0002006AFD
2645The Raven€ 100.44814.8242012UPI
2646Sightseers€ 100.44714.2982013CNA
2647Money Talks€ 100.28518.0001998PFED
2648Capitalism: A Love Story€ 100.00015.0002009PAR
2649Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky€ 100.00015.0002010WBU
2650Hard Candy€ 100.00016.00020061MF


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