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3101He Named Me Malala€ 22.5783.5392015FOX
3102The Look of Love€ 22.4083.2632013WBU
3103Afterglow€ 22.2354.0001998RCV
3104At First Sight€ 22.2354.0001999
3105High Art€ 22.2355.0001998CM
3106Pi€ 22.2355.0002000IF
3107Capturing the Friedmans€ 22.0004.0002003AFD
3108Enter the Void€ 22.0004.0002010WBU
3109Goodbye Solo€ 22.0003.0002009WBU
3110The Last Castle€ 22.0004.0002002UIP
3111London to Brighton€ 22.0003.0002007PAR
3112Personal Velocity: Three Portraits€ 22.0004.0002004CM
3113Please Give€ 22.0003.0002010SPR
3114Red Planet€ 22.0003.0002001WB
3115Tarnation€ 22.0004.0002005FM
3116Towelhead€ 22.0004.0002009BFD
3117The One I Love€ 21.7692.8092015RIL
3118Out of Love€ 21.5852016CM
3119Restless€ 21.4683.4842011SPR
3120Julien Donkey-Boy€ 21.3284.0002000ONB
3121The Company€ 21.0004.0002004PAR
3122D-Tox (Eye See You)€ 21.0003.0002002UIP
3123Flags of Our Fathers€ 21.0003.0002006WB
3124The Hollywood Sign€ 21.0004.0002001IFD
3125Man About Town€ 21.0004.0002006ML
3126Married Life€ 21.0003.0002008AFD
3127New York Minute€ 21.0003.0002004WB
3128Ninotchka€ 21.0004.0002007FM
3129Welcome to Collinwood€ 21.0004.0002003PAR
3130Parched€ 20.9382016CM
3131Much Ado About Nothing€ 20.6592.8492014IMA
3132The Babymakers€ 20.5782.9822013DFW
3133Manglehorn€ 20.5492016SEP
3134Henry's Crime€ 20.4213.4232011E1
3135Head On€ 20.4204.0002000CM
3136Lost River€ 20.0212.7992015CNA
3137Little Men€ 20.0032017SEP
3138Alexandra's Project€ 20.0004.0002003PAR
3139Angel Eyes€ 20.0003.0002001WB
3140Dear Frankie€ 20.0004.00020051MF
3141Dogtown and Z-Boys€ 20.0004.0002002CM
3142Human Nature€ 20.0004.0002002AFD
3143Mysterious Skin€ 20.0003.00020051MF
3144Shortbus€ 20.0003.0002006AFD
3145Bel Ami€ 19.9832.9942012IF
3146Beefcake€ 19.9664.0002000ONB
3147The End of the Tour€ 19.6842.8792015SEA
3148Shell€ 19.6762.9332014FFD
3149Bulworth€ 19.5133.0001999
3150Ulee's Gold€ 19.5135.0001998PAR


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