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2601Promised Land€ 79.92512.3802013BFD
2602The Cobbler€ 79.51611.0462015RIL
2603Chéri€ 79.00012.0002009BFD
2604Dan in Real Life€ 79.00012.0002008RCV
2605Harry Brown€ 79.00013.0002010AFD
2606Hoodwinked!€ 79.00013.0002006RCV
2607Veronica Guerin€ 79.00014.0002003BVI
2608Man on the Moon€ 78.95814.0002000UIP
2609Cave of Forgotten Dreams€ 78.5409.2182012IMA
2610The Object of My Affection€ 78.47415.0001998CTF
2611Denial€ 78.4472017E1
2612The Five-Year Engagement€ 78.07212.0412012UPI
2613Donkey Punch€ 78.00012.0002009EFP
2614Mr. Woodcock€ 78.00012.0002008RCV
2615Free State of Jones€ 77.8532016E1
2616Meet Me in Venice€ 77.42310.2542015PAR
2617The Resident€ 77.00811.4492011IF
2618Cabin Fever€ 77.00011.0002004ML
2619Factotum€ 77.00012.0002006CM
2620Interview€ 77.00012.0002007AFD
2621Mammoth€ 77.00012.0002009AFD
2622Scott Pilgrim vs. the World€ 77.00013.0002010UPI
2623The Upside of Anger€ 77.00015.0002005IF
2624The Visitor€ 77.00013.0002009WBU
2625The Program€ 76.33810.2482015DFW
2626The Burning Plain€ 76.00013.0002009CNA
2627Casablanca€ 76.00013.0002010EYE
2628The Science of Sleep€ 76.00012.0002006AFD
2629Frank€ 75.78010.1262015SEP
2630The Neon Demon€ 75.3952016CNA
2631Charlie's Country€ 75.29411.7512015CM
2632The Quiet Ones€ 75.20510.3562014IF
2633Lady Macbeth€ 75.0912017CPF
2634Crazy Heart€ 75.00011.0002010FOX
2635Dear Wendy€ 75.00013.0002005AFD
2636Drowning Mona€ 75.0002001ML
263720.000 Days on Earth€ 74.9049.6432014FFD
2638The Invisible Woman€ 74.89711.1672014SEP
2639Beautiful People€ 74.87416.0002000CM
2640Infinitely Polar Bear€ 74.45210.0962015AFD
2641The Road to Guantanamo€ 74.00013.0002006AFD
2642Transporter 2€ 74.00010.0002005FOX
2643The Man Who Knew Too Little€ 73.96613.0001998WB
2644Slow West€ 73.47610.6132015RIL
2645The Whistleblower€ 73.15110.4682011WBU
2646Twenty Feet from Stardom€ 73.11310.0942013SEP
2647Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000€ 73.05912.0002000WB
2648Quills€ 73.00012.0002001NFFC
2649Life of Crime€ 72.42112.2322014FFD
2650The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall€ 72.1994.2702011UPI


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