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401Noah€ 2.297.058240.8572014UPI
402Planes€ 2.287.361294.9322013WDS
403The Expendables 2€ 2.286.412288.3452012DFW
404Wreck-It Ralph€ 2.282.828178.7292012WDS
405Heat€ 2.267.602310.9021996WB
406Independence Day: Resurgence€ 2.254.2482016FOX
407The Village€ 2.245.585317.7582004BVI
408Pulp Fiction€ 2.243.865336.8351994RCV
409The Bone Collector€ 2.242.525360.9282000CTF
410Les Misérables€ 2.233.435274.3762013UPI
411Yogi Bear€ 2.229.986275.7952011WB
412Rise of the Planet of the Apes€ 2.224.588287.8322011FOX
413The Game€ 2.215.480370.7671997PFED
414Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Het regent gehaktballen 2)€ 2.195.529272.9272014UPI
415Little Fockers€ 2.192.781275.0682010UPI
416Mission: Impossible III€ 2.186.314310.8062006UIP
417Free Willy€ 2.180.033420.7571994WB
418Night at the Museum€ 2.179.578309.0182007FOX
419The Jungle Book 2€ 2.177.742384.4362003BVI
420King Arthur€ 2.175.642310.3702004BVI
421X-Men: Apocalypse€ 2.172.3372016FOX
422High School Musical 3: Senior Year€ 2.168.618311.6902008WDS
423Cast Away€ 2.167.000317.0002001UIP
424Panic Room€ 2.167.000328.0002002CTF
425G-Force€ 2.162.521306.4862009WDS
426Collateral€ 2.161.826305.7282004UIP
427Hook€ 2.156.329366.2361992CTF
428Horrible Bosses€ 2.154.472279.8032011WB
429Jackass 3-D€ 2.151.513226.3472010UPI
430You've Got Mail€ 2.151.045364.1541999WB
431Dumb & Dumber€ 2.147.840402.2381995RCV
432Scary Movie 2€ 2.146.000332.0002001RCV
433Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines€ 2.134.918310.3822003CTF
434Pitch Perfect 2€ 2.128.140265.9002015UPI
435The Tourist€ 2.121.996273.4802011SPR
43640 Days and 40 Nights€ 2.120.000322.0002002UIP
437Dante's Peak€ 2.115.729391.5661997UIP
438The Twilight Saga: New Moon€ 2.115.705278.0162009IF
439American Pie€ 2.111.423353.6162000IF
440I, Robot€ 2.110.218299.1982004FOX
441Boyhood€ 2.107.201248.1222014LUM
442Outbreak€ 2.094.854409.2801995WB
443Bad Moms€ 2.091.8592016DFW
444Over the Hedge€ 2.087.122360.5952006UIP
445Brüno€ 2.081.739269.5152009UPI
446Kill Bill: Vol. 1€ 2.076.877289.7422003RCV
447The Great Wall€ 2.076.0512017UPI
448The Equalizer€ 2.074.285253.1732014UPI
449Coyote Ugly€ 2.069.014329.7872000BVI
450Planet of the Apes€ 2.068.000306.0002001NFFC


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