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3551On a Clear Day€ 17.0003.0002006AFD
3552The Passenger (Professione: reporter)€ 17.0003.0002008FM
3553Three Miles North of Molkom€ 17.0003.0002010WBU
3554Unmistaken Child€ 17.0003.0002009CM
3555Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?€ 17.0003.0002008CNA
3556The Best of IDFA 2016 on Tour€ 16.9572017CD
3557The First Grader€ 16.9442.9402011AFD
3558Creative Control€ 16.8562.3892016FFD
3559Kissed€ 16.3363.0001998ARG
3560The Only Son€ 16.3232.5292013CD
3561The African Queen€ 16.2672.8042011EYE
3562Amen.€ 16.0003.0002003USP
3563Aquamarine€ 16.0003.0002006FOX
3564The Bird Can't Fly€ 16.0003.0002008PAR
3565Black Narcissus€ 16.0003.0002007FM
3566Dame la mano (Give Me Your Hand)€ 16.0003.0002004AFD
3567The Door in the Floor€ 16.0003.0002004PAR
3568A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints€ 16.0003.0002007PAR
3569Hearts in Atlantis€ 16.0002.0002002WB
3570Hedwig and the Angry Inch€ 16.0003.0002002AFD
3571Kiss of Life€ 16.0003.0002004CM
3572Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man€ 16.0002.0002006RCV
3573Morlang€ 16.0003.0002001BVI
3574Pieces of April€ 16.0003.0002004PAR
3575What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole€ 16.0002.0002006CM
3576XXY€ 16.0003.0002008CNA
3577The Proposition€ 15.8824.0001998PFED
3578Greetings from Tim Buckley€ 15.5612.4152013WBU
3579The Face of Love€ 15.5232.3712014IF
3580Brownian Movement€ 15.4202.6482011CNA
3581The Rover€ 15.3772.4062014E1
3582Berberian Sound Studio€ 15.2722.1202013EYE
3583Complete Unknown€ 15.0912.0392016SEA
3584The Swedish Theory of Love€ 15.0312.0802017CD
3585Against the Ropes€ 15.0003.0002004UIP
3586Around the Bend€ 15.0002.0002005WB
3587Edge of Seventeen€ 15.0004.0002004CM
3588Killer Joe€ 15.0002.2512012E1
3589The Navigators€ 15.0003.0002002
3590Never Back Down€ 15.0002.0002008PAR
3591Soul Power€ 15.0003.0002009CM
3592An Unfinished Life€ 15.0002.0002005IF
3593We Don't Live Here Anymore€ 15.0002.0002005AFD
3594Brown's Requiem€ 14.9753.0001999ONB
3595One Eight Seven€ 14.9753.0001998PAR
3596David Lynch: The Art Life€ 14.8511.9862017EYE
3597Hesher€ 14.8202.3322012DFW
3598Neds€ 14.6972.4052011WBU
3599My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done€ 14.5932.3482011AMF
3600Apt Pupil€ 14.5213.0001999CTF


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