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601Don't Say a Word€ 1.705.000230.0002001FOX
602After Earth€ 1.704.499214.5622013SPR
603Bad Company€ 1.704.000282.0002002BVI
604Jingle All the Way€ 1.703.332299.5471996CTF
605The Green Mile€ 1.694.136241.7892000UIP
606The Bridges of Madison County€ 1.690.700299.3351995WB
607Austin Powers in Goldmember€ 1.690.000258.0002002RCV
608Ant-Man€ 1.688.183176.6672015WDS
609The Day the Earth Stood Still€ 1.685.635210.9012008FOX
610Traffic€ 1.683.000250.0002001RCV
611Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children€ 1.682.450187.4602016FOX
612Bad Boys€ 1.681.763386.2591995CTF
613Star Trek Beyond€ 1.681.326164.2282016UPI
61417 Again€ 1.680.572230.9002009RCV
615The Monuments Men€ 1.680.194210.4902014FOX
616The Beach€ 1.677.474278.9962000FOX
617Save the Last Dance€ 1.676.000275.0002001UIP
618Sleepless in Seattle€ 1.674.144306.9291993CTF
619Amy€ 1.673.276203.5032015CNA
620The Huntsman: Winter's War€ 1.672.539184.1272016UPI
621Scooby-Doo€ 1.668.000314.0002002WB
622Wanted€ 1.664.656284.9972008UPI
623The Others€ 1.662.000244.0002001ML
624Due Date€ 1.654.771218.9982010WB
625Babel€ 1.654.038231.0012006IF
626Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian€ 1.648.356228.2122009FOX
627The Blair Witch Project€ 1.639.446283.0801999PAR
628Planes: Fire & Rescue (Planes 2: Redden & Blussen)€ 1.638.668210.3792014WDS
629Enchanted€ 1.632.998238.2462007WDS
630San Andreas€ 1.632.289170.3862015WB
631Brokeback Mountain€ 1.627.897230.1542006AFD
632Last Action Hero€ 1.624.387299.7671993CTF
633Brimstone€ 1.620.6662017PAR
634Demolition Man€ 1.619.768294.1541994WB
635As Good As It Gets€ 1.617.224287.5441998CTF
636RED€ 1.616.470213.4862010E1
637Home Alone 3€ 1.614.516295.5651997CTF
638Friends with Benefits€ 1.612.092209.5292011SPR
639Spy Hard€ 1.611.580352.7681996BVI
640The Divergent Series: Allegiant€ 1.611.558194.0402016IF
641The Emperor's New Groove€ 1.610.000317.0002001BVI
642Terminator: Genisys€ 1.609.640165.1342015UPI
643Grown Ups€ 1.608.206229.9942010SPR
644Crazy, Stupid, Love€ 1.607.114213.1302011WB
645S.W.A.T.€ 1.607.108223.9722003CTF
646Oblivion€ 1.603.680195.2002013UPI
647Clear and Present Danger€ 1.599.778281.3361994UIP
648Fahrenheit 9/11€ 1.599.725233.9202004PAR
649Daylight€ 1.598.079273.6871996UIP
650No Strings Attached€ 1.593.268209.5032011UPI


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