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1951Rendition€ 389.00056.0002008WWE
1952The Wedding Singer€ 388.43688.0001998PFED
1953Snitch€ 388.18452.9802013IF
1954Death Proof€ 388.00057.0002007AFD
1955The Reaping€ 386.00052.0002007WB
1956My Little Pony: The Movie€ 385.30054.6012017IF
1957Mr. Magoo€ 385.25986.0001998BVI
1958Changeling€ 385.00053.0002008UPI
1959Meet the Spartans€ 385.00052.0002008FOX
1960The Gunman€ 384.25350.1392015IF
1961Battle of the Year: The Dream Team€ 384.23641.4042013UPI
1962Monster House€ 384.00076.0002006SPR
1963The Infiltrator€ 383.37748.1582016DFW
1964If Beale Street Could Talk€ 383.1032019WWE
1965Snowden€ 382.89251.5692016IF
1966Self/less€ 382.82249.9612015WWE
1967I Don't Know How She Does It€ 382.69352.3952011PAR
1968The Sense of an Ending€ 382.04452.1672017CM
1969Down to Earth€ 381.00057.0002001UIP
1970A Street Cat Named Bob€ 380.03649.5682016WWE
1971Tears of the Sun€ 379.00057.0002003CTF
1972Underdog€ 379.00059.0002008WDS
1973Deliver Us from Evil€ 378.89059.3122014UPI
1974Malavita (The Family)€ 378.79252.7562013IF
1975Happy Death Day 2U€ 378.7462019UPI
1976Gretel and Hansel€ 378.3002020DFW
1977Marie-Antoinette€ 378.00063.0002006AFD
1978Zoolander€ 378.00057.0002001UIP
1979Hard Rain€ 377.54565.0001998PFED
1980Streetdance 2€ 376.56942.3232012WWE
1981Old School€ 376.00056.0002003UIP
1982The Party€ 373.84847.5942017CNA
1983The Rite€ 373.52150.4732011WB
1984The Beguiled€ 373.35048.8882017UPI
1985Primary Colors€ 373.00762.0001998WWE
1986The Mothman Prophecies€ 373.00057.0002002IF
1987Mr. Holmes€ 372.12248.0512015PAR
1988Elizabeth€ 372.10068.0001998PFED
1989The Brothers Grimm€ 372.00054.0002005WWE
1990Mr. Deeds€ 372.00055.0002002CTF
1991Runaway Jury€ 372.00053.0002004FOX
1992Arthur Christmas€ 371.97245.9802011SPR
1993The Texas Chainsaw Massacre€ 371.00054.0002004WWE
1994Chef€ 370.75154.6222014UPI
1995The Animal€ 370.00055.0002001CTF
1996Only God Forgives€ 369.40251.1542013CNA
1997Cradle 2 the Grave€ 369.00062.0002003WB
1998The Way Back€ 368.30251.3282011WWE
1999The Brave One€ 368.00050.0002007WB
2000High Fidelity€ 367.10866.0002000BVI


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