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901Message in a Bottle€ 1.170.112211.0501999WB
902The Circle€ 1.169.5392017PAR
903The Terminal€ 1.169.000170.0002004UIP
904Captain America: The First Avenger€ 1.168.801132.3382011UPI
905Garfield€ 1.168.339196.6642004FOX
906Scream€ 1.166.055214.6381997RCV
907Mona Lisa Smile€ 1.164.785166.9962004CTF
908The Full Monty€ 1.162.340204.6251997CTF
909Birdman€ 1.161.766144.2712015FOX
910The Jackal€ 1.161.120196.9261998UIP
911Blub! Ik ben een vis€ 1.160.000778.0002001IF
912The 6th Day€ 1.156.967174.9032000CTF
913Daddy Day Care€ 1.153.960185.3672003CTF
914Rise of the Guardians€ 1.152.649117.6812012UPI
915Million Dollar Baby€ 1.150.791162.2652005AFD
916Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous€ 1.149.673166.2252005WB
917Intolerable Cruelty€ 1.146.525165.0182003UIP
918Meet Joe Black€ 1.145.132167.8691999UIP
919Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Special Edition)€ 1.139.439196.9561997CTF
920Pete's Dragon (Peter en de draak)€ 1.139.017146.1692016WDS
921Sleepless€ 1.137.1582017SF
922Knowing€ 1.136.950152.0242009IF
923Curly Sue€ 1.136.111207.0051991WB
924Return to Never Land€ 1.135.000204.0002002BVI
925The Pirates! Band of Misfits€ 1.134.286137.9192012SPR
926The Bounty Hunter€ 1.131.470147.3472010SPR
927Wild Child€ 1.130.511178.4732008UPI
928Blade€ 1.129.475184.4031998RCV
929Alien: Covenant€ 1.129.1942017FOX
930Sully€ 1.124.231134.7722016WB
931The 5th Wave€ 1.123.461140.2152016UPI
932Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)€ 1.123.233203.1291996UIP
933The Polar Express€ 1.121.893182.7262004WB
934Bride Wars€ 1.121.787151.9162009WB
935Money Monster€ 1.121.663136.6512016UPI
936Conspiracy Theory€ 1.121.496190.6501997WB
937Don't Breathe€ 1.120.945133.8092016UPI
938The Fisher King€ 1.118.163209.5811991CTF
939Arrival€ 1.116.931138.3622016UPI
940Cloverfield€ 1.115.675150.2382008UPI
941Miami Vice€ 1.114.919175.9222006UIP
942Analyze This€ 1.112.137188.4861999WB
943Jackass: Number Two€ 1.109.664148.9212006UIP
944Maid in Manhattan€ 1.109.638163.4012003CTF
945The Conjuring€ 1.107.869140.5432013WB
946Rumor Has It...€ 1.105.690162.0822006WB
947The Score€ 1.105.000157.0002001UIP
948Snow White (Mirror, Mirror)€ 1.103.407130.2232012AFD
949Hugo€ 1.101.469122.7692012UPI
950The Ring Two€ 1.100.233153.3572005UIP


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