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2501Crazy/Beautiful€ 99.00015.0002001BVI
2502The Limey€ 98.92418.0002000ONB
2503Denial€ 98.8232017E1
2504Saving Grace€ 98.47017.0002000AFD
2505Flawless€ 98.01717.0002000AFD
2506Confessions of a Dangerous Mind€ 98.00016.0002003RCV
2507Fast Food Fast Women€ 98.00021.0002001CM
2508The Invasion€ 98.00014.0002007WB
2509London River€ 98.00016.0002009CM
2510White Noise 2: The Light€ 98.00014.0002007BFD
2511Piranha 3DD€ 97.60411.4752012PAR
2512Saving Mr. Banks€ 97.55214.4882013WDS
2513Tula: The Revolt€ 97.45512.9122013BFD
2514Halloween II€ 97.00013.0002009RCV
2515The Last Exorcism€ 97.00014.0002010CNA
2516Mrs. Henderson Presents€ 97.00016.0002006AFD
2517Repo Men€ 97.00015.0002010UPI
2518The Man with the Iron Fists€ 96.69014.9422013UPI
2519The Brothers Bloom€ 96.00016.0002009AFD
2520Cashback€ 96.00017.0002007ML
2521L' ivresse du pouvoir€ 96.00015.0002006PAR
2522The Jacket€ 96.00015.0002005IF
2523Cuban Fury€ 95.99514.6212014DFW
2524What If€ 95.92317.3572014E1
2525Albert Nobbs€ 95.60914.6312012WBU
2526A Dog's Purpose€ 95.3152017E1
2527Blindness€ 95.00016.0002008RCV
2528Land of the Dead€ 95.00014.0002005PAR
2529Young Adam€ 95.00017.0002003TLP
2530Good People€ 94.96913.7412015DFW
2531Only Lovers Left Alive€ 94.69813.1662014SEP
2532Belle€ 94.65412.9042015AFD
2533Slither€ 94.00017.0002006BFD
2534The Double€ 93.50012.9852014SEP
2535Mr. Morgan's Last Love€ 93.19114.6612013AFD
2536Great Expectations€ 93.02714.4742013PAR
2537Toy Story 1 & 2 3D€ 93.00013.0002010WDS
2538Cool Girls€ 92.8872017DFW
2539Welcome to the Punch€ 92.64114.7082013E1
2540Exit Through the Gift Shop€ 92.00014.0002010AFD
2541In This World€ 92.00016.0002003BAD
2542Jersey Girl€ 92.00015.0002004RCV
2543The Thing€ 91.86012.9202011UPI
2544My Summer of Love€ 91.00015.0002005AFD
2545A Perfect Day€ 90.89813.8332015SEP
2546This Is the End€ 90.63312.9152013UPI
2547The Accidental Spy€ 90.00016.0002002RCV
2548August Rush€ 90.00015.0002008RCV
2549Boy A€ 90.00014.0002008CM
2550The Hoax€ 90.00015.0002007IF


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