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1551The Switch€ 442.00062.0002010PAR
1552Torque€ 441.00062.0002004WB
1553The Host€ 439.58257.9732013IF
1554Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within€ 439.00067.0002001CTF
1555The Little Vampire€ 439.00089.0002001IF
1556A Perfect Getaway€ 439.00062.0002009AFD
1557The Strangers€ 439.00060.0002008RCV
1558Autumn in New York€ 438.80566.0002000CTF
1559Trainwreck€ 438.15557.2152015UPI
1560The Eye€ 437.00060.0002008RCV
1561Raising Helen€ 437.00077.0002004BVI
1562The Wicker Man€ 437.00081.0002006BFD
1563Her€ 436.62462.0822014PAR
1564Fighting€ 436.00058.0002009UPI
1565Haywire€ 434.73860.8832012AFD
1566Something Borrowed€ 434.73260.6502011PAR
1567Contraband€ 434.10362.9112012UPI
1568Sinister 2€ 433.82451.9182015E1
1569Defiance€ 432.00060.0002009RCV
1570De kleine prins€ 431.89161.0342015IF
1571Suffragette€ 431.68259.0732015PAR
1572Tracks€ 430.94957.7092014AFD
1573The Lobster€ 428.67553.2992015ONB
1574Resident Evil€ 428.00064.0002002IF
1575Shanghai Knights€ 426.00064.0002003BVI
1576Basic€ 425.00071.0002003ML
1577Triple 9€ 424.9032016E1
1578ParaNorman€ 424.86451.3722012UPI
1579The Ninth Gate€ 424.28572.0002000IF
1580Behind Enemy Lines€ 424.00039.0002002FOX
1581Brideshead Revisited€ 423.00067.0002008AFD
1582Entourage€ 422.20651.9272015WB
1583The Rum Diary€ 420.34657.0912011E1
1584Duplicity€ 420.00060.0002009UPI
1585Another Year€ 419.00059.0002010E1
1586End of Watch€ 418.78858.6922012IF
1587Nebraska€ 418.67960.3582014CNA
1588Paterson€ 418.6562017IMA
1589Julie & Julia€ 418.00057.0002009SPR
1590Chappie€ 417.29852.8972015UPI
1591Prime€ 417.00062.0002006IF
1592The Place Beyond the Pines€ 416.56157.2792013IF
1593The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002001IF
1594The Dukes of Hazzard€ 415.00062.0002005WB
1595Mulholland Dr.€ 414.00067.0002002AFD
1596Man on a Ledge€ 413.52458.7912012E1
1597Looney Tunes: Back in Action€ 413.00067.0002003WB
1598I Love You Phillip Morris€ 412.00057.0002010IF
1599Woman in Gold€ 411.40155.6402015E1
1600Me and You and Everyone We Know€ 411.00066.0002006CM


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