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3201I Still See You€ 70.3749.159DFW
3202Grudge Match€ 70.33810.5362018WB
3203The Contender€ 70.00012.0002014IF
3204Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles€ 70.00013.0002001IFD
3205The Curse of the Jade Scorpion€ 70.00012.0002001AFD
3206Hachi: A Dog's Tale (Hachiko: A Dog's Story)€ 70.00010.0002002WWE
3207Terminator 2: Judgment Day€ 69.9688.1472009SEA
3208Guns Akimbo€ 69.6512017GUS
3209The Fifth Estate€ 69.51411.1182020WWE
3210Solaris€ 69.00011.0002013FOX
3211Titus€ 69.00011.0002003PAR
3212Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown€ 68.97513.0002001WWE
3213Free Fire€ 68.74910.6911998SPL
3214Chasing Mavericks€ 68.48310.4852017IF
3215Citizenfour€ 68.2889.2112012CD
3216The Frozen Ground€ 68.18710.6932015IF
3217Chandni Chowk to China€ 68.00010.0002013WB
3218Dark Blue€ 68.00012.0002009PAR
3219The Four Feathers€ 68.00012.0002003WWE
3220Stay Alive€ 68.00010.0002002UIP
3221Starbuck€ 67.47310.1132006IMA
3222The Homesman€ 66.8239.1192012IF
3223Better Than Chocolate€ 66.25212.0002014HS
3224CatVideoFest 2019€ 66.1452000CD
3225Take Shelter€ 66.0019.7302019AFD
3226Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood€ 66.00011.0002012WB
3227The Libertine€ 66.00011.0002002PAR
3228Thirteen€ 66.00011.0002006FOX
32293:10 to Yuma€ 65.00012.0002004ML
3230Astro Boy€ 65.00011.0002008IF
3231Coffee and Cigarettes€ 65.00010.00020101MF
3232The Dark€ 65.0009.0002004WWE
3233Imagine That€ 65.00010.0002006UPI
3234W.€ 65.0009.0002009PAR
3235Life, Animated€ 64.8209.5182008PER
3236Only You€ 64.4408.5682017CM
3237Eden Lake€ 64.00010.0002019BFD
3238Fragile€ 64.00010.0002009AFD
3239Down to You€ 63.52912.0002006WWE
3240A-X-L€ 63.3798.3262000WWE
3241To the Wonder€ 63.3018.8672018AFD
3242Your Sister's Sister€ 63.2999.0882013PAR
3243Marauders€ 63.1429.0822012DFW
3244Picture Perfect€ 63.07515.0002016CTF
32459€ 63.00011.0001998AFD
3246Employee of the Month€ 63.00011.0002009BFD
3247The Weather Man€ 63.00010.0002007UIP
3248Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel€ 62.9858.5682006CM
3249Mind My Mind€ 62.8362012PER
3250Midnight's Children€ 62.1478.5492020PAR


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