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1901How to Lose Friends & Alienate People€ 119.0002008RCV
1902The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou€ 119.0002005BVI
1903Coach Carter€ 118.0002005UIP
1904Godsend€ 117.0002004ML
1905The New Daughter€ 117.00017.0002010E1
1906Stoker€ 116.51317.3132013FOX
1907Skyline€ 116.12717.6672011IF
1908American Dreamz€ 116.0002006UIP
1909Nim's Island€ 116.0002008IF
1910Blue Crush€ 115.0002003UIP
1911Femme Fatale€ 115.0002002PAR
1912The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet€ 114.65814.9112013IF
1913The Double€ 114.40715.7952012DFW
1914The Imposter€ 114.40315.2202013IMA
1915Creep€ 114.0002005IF
1916Enduring Love€ 114.0002005AFD
1917Kissing Jessica Stein€ 114.0002002FOX
1918Open Water 2: Adrift€ 114.0002006RCV
1919A Few Best Men€ 113.94617.0992012DFW
1920The Phantom of the Opera€ 113.0002005PAR
1921Windtalkers€ 113.0002002FOX
1922S1m0ne€ 112.0002002RCV
1923Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang€ 111.0002005WB
1924Cosmopolis€ 110.53016.4862012E1
1925Song for Marion€ 110.15616.8502013CNA
1926Halloween€ 110.0002007PAR
1927The In-Laws€ 110.0002003RCV
1928Love in the Time of Cholera€ 110.0002008AFD
1929Saw VI€ 110.0002009BFD
1930Then She Found Me€ 110.0002008RCV
1931Superkapje en de turbo-oma's (Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil)€ 109.40814.4682011E1
1932Shine a Light€ 109.0002008RCV
1933Venus€ 109.0002007AFD
1934The Beaver€ 108.07816.4412011E1
1935Daybreakers€ 108.00016.0002010BFD
1936Oliver Twist€ 108.0002005AFD
1937Seabiscuit€ 108.0002004BVI
1938The Sapphires€ 107.82216.8922013PAR
1939Sin City: A Dame to Kill For€ 107.7752014IF
1940Finding Forrester€ 107.0002001CTF
1941The Nanny Diaries€ 107.0002008PAR
1942The Shipping News€ 107.0002002RCV
1943And So It Goes€ 106.4422014E1
1944Copying Beethoven€ 106.0002007BFD
1945In the Valley of Elah€ 106.0002008RCV
1946Samsara€ 105.70914.2952013CM
1947ATM€ 104.51815.6012012DFW
1948Before the Devil Knows You're Dead€ 104.0002008AFD
1949Queen of the Damned€ 104.0002002WB
1950Scoop€ 104.0002006AFD


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