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451Meet the Parents€ 2.441.348380.815UIP
452Justice League€ 2.439.954246.9992000WB
453Borat€ 2.437.483329.3222017FOX
454Ready Player One€ 2.433.890242.0372006WB
455Disclosure€ 2.433.584428.3682018WB
456Gone Girl€ 2.430.562295.5421995FOX
4572 Fast 2 Furious€ 2.425.491418.0942014UIP
458Runaway Bride€ 2.409.855411.7842003BVI
459Live Free or Die Hard€ 2.405.628325.2921999FOX
460About A Boy€ 2.404.000443.0002007UIP
461Spider-Man 2€ 2.403.560344.1632002CTF
462Assassin's Creed€ 2.403.151242.5692004FOX
463Catch Me If You Can€ 2.400.664346.3542017UIP
464The Divergent Series: Insurgent€ 2.393.099251.9272003IF
465JFK€ 2.389.532339.5442015WB
466Blood Diamond€ 2.388.055314.5551992WB
467Toy Story 2€ 2.387.304451.2642007BVI
468Thor: The Dark World€ 2.383.429246.8762000WDS
469Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead€ 2.382.228437.4832013WB
470Dolittle€ 2.381.1731991UPI
471Hot Shots! Part Deux€ 2.380.830435.5612020CTF
472A Good Day to Die Hard€ 2.380.401284.7111993FOX
473The Lone Ranger€ 2.380.040291.6652013WDS
474Step Up€ 2.375.556426.3912013IF
475Monsters, Inc.€ 2.374.000405.0002006BVI
476The Grand Budapest Hotel€ 2.369.678294.3922002FOX
477The Dictator€ 2.356.370296.5602014UPI
478Brave€ 2.355.895290.7272012WDS
479All Stars 2: Old Stars€ 2.355.831300.3492012IF
480Kingdom of Heaven€ 2.354.837333.3392011FOX
481Cape Fear€ 2.352.954428.9132005UIP
482X-Men€ 2.349.210371.5861992FOX
483Hollow Man€ 2.338.981371.1302000CTF
484Shakespeare in Love€ 2.335.139403.4892000UIP
485Man of Steel€ 2.326.925237.8541999WB
486The Princess and the Frog€ 2.322.340346.5852013WDS
487Salt€ 2.319.197306.1422010SPR
488The Lego Movie: The Second Part€ 2.309.793278.2472010WB
489Beethoven€ 2.307.671446.2182019UIP
490The House of the Spirits€ 2.298.981351.9891992IF
491Noah€ 2.297.058240.8571993UPI
492Ant-Man and the Wasp€ 2.289.524231.2142014WDS
493Planes€ 2.287.361294.9322018WDS
494The Expendables 2€ 2.286.412288.3452013DFW
495Wreck-It Ralph€ 2.282.828178.7292012WDS
496Heat€ 2.267.602310.9022012WB
497Independence Day: Resurgence€ 2.249.766227.6191996FOX
498The Village€ 2.245.585317.7582016BVI
499Pulp Fiction€ 2.243.865336.8352004WWE
500The Bone Collector€ 2.242.525360.9281994CTF


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