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1901Winchester€ 425.70850.687DFW
1902Basic€ 425.00071.0002018ML
1903ParaNorman€ 424.86451.3722003UPI
1904White Boy Rick€ 424.43750.2572012SPR
1905The Ninth Gate€ 424.28572.0002019IF
1906Behind Enemy Lines€ 424.00039.0002000FOX
1907Brideshead Revisited€ 423.00067.0002002AFD
1908Entourage€ 422.20651.9272008WB
1909The Rum Diary€ 420.34657.0912015WWE
1910Duplicity€ 420.00060.0002011UPI
1911Another Year€ 419.00059.0002009WWE
1912Blair Witch€ 418.97750.8502010IF
1913End of Watch€ 418.78858.6922016IF
1914Nebraska€ 418.67960.3582012CNA
1915Julie & Julia€ 418.00057.0002014SPR
1916Chappie€ 417.29852.8972009UPI
1917Prime€ 417.00062.0002015IF
1918The Place Beyond the Pines€ 416.56157.2792006IF
1919The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002013IF
1920Pluisje (Flying the Nest)€ 415.93658.0752001JFD
1921The Dukes of Hazzard€ 415.00062.0002018WB
1922Mulholland Drive€ 414.00067.0002005AFD
1923Man on a Ledge€ 413.52458.7912002WWE
1924Looney Tunes: Back in Action€ 413.00067.0002012WB
1925I Love You Phillip Morris€ 412.00057.0002003IF
1926Woman in Gold€ 411.40155.6402010WWE
1927Me and You and Everyone We Know€ 411.00066.0002015CM
1928RocknRolla€ 410.00059.0002006WB
1929Love & Friendship€ 409.51655.7582008CNA
1930Wag the Dog€ 409.31074.0002016PFED
1931What Dreams May Come€ 409.31075.0001998PFED
1932Get Him to the Greek€ 409.00057.0001998UPI
1933Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire€ 409.00059.0002010AFD
1934Wimbledon€ 409.00060.0002009UIP
1935Finding Neverland€ 408.00060.0002004WWE
1936The Legend of Hercules€ 407.87448.0012004WWE
1937Beautiful Creatures€ 407.01455.2162014IF
1938The Queen€ 406.00057.0002013AFD
1939Hell Fest€ 405.07647.7292006DFW
1940The Hurricane Heist€ 404.50446.3152018DFW
1941An Inconvenient Truth€ 404.00063.0002018UIP
1942Swimming Pool€ 404.00067.0002006CM
1943Zombieland: Double Tap€ 403.56946.6792003SPR
1944The Call of the Wild (Het wilde avontuur)€ 403.2972019WDS
1945Rocky Balboa€ 403.00056.0002020FOX
1946Nature€ 402.60947.4922007DFW
1947American Psycho€ 402.50364.0002015WWE
1948November Man€ 402.16262.6682000DFW
1949Elizabeth: The Golden Age€ 402.00056.0002014UPI
1950Enemy at the Gates€ 402.00061.0002007UIP


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