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801The Longest Ride€ 1.271.380154.3582015FOX
802Left Luggage€ 1.270.490243.7541998IF
803Journey 2: The Mysterious Island€ 1.269.859133.7942012WB
804Dunkirk€ 1.264.6062017WB
805Falling Down€ 1.264.287234.1731993WB
806Anna and the King€ 1.259.836194.4532000FOX
807Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles€ 1.259.253235.4891994WB
808City of Angels€ 1.259.160217.1441998WB
809Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life€ 1.258.700192.8902003UIP
810Life As We Know It€ 1.255.786165.9962010WB
811Fame€ 1.254.662173.3602009E1
81227 Dresses€ 1.253.194169.0012008FOX
813Starsky & Hutch€ 1.253.057181.0862004BVI
814Hercules€ 1.251.338129.1172014UPI
815Jumanji€ 1.250.470235.7051996CTF
816Anastasia€ 1.250.356246.5501998CTF
817Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me€ 1.245.229221.0001999RCV
818Battleship€ 1.243.431160.2922012UPI
819Doc Hollywood€ 1.242.658222.8261991WB
820I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry€ 1.241.831182.8582007UPI
821Poseidon€ 1.241.789191.5912006WB
822Blue Streak€ 1.241.440211.0101999CTF
823Dark Shadows€ 1.240.120155.7242012WB
824The Fifth Element€ 1.238.812250.3661997BVI
825Final Destination 5€ 1.238.740133.6562011WB
826Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb€ 1.238.650161.7132015FOX
82745 Years€ 1.236.275158.9252015CM
82821 & Over€ 1.236.255156.8842013AFD
829Into the Wild€ 1.233.685176.8932008AFD
830Point Break€ 1.233.1872016DFW
831I Still Know What You Did Last Summer€ 1.233.139218.1631999CTF
832Sense and Sensibility€ 1.233.024233.1481996CTF
833Under Siege€ 1.231.545226.3031993WB
834Critical Decision (Executive Decision)€ 1.229.532217.5021996WB
835The Cell€ 1.228.375195.1632000RCV
836Piglet's Big Movie€ 1.227.108230.0512003BVI
837World Trade Center€ 1.227.064165.0872006UIP
838Paper Towns€ 1.224.063154.2162015FOX
839The A-Team€ 1.224.003161.2142010WB
840Mother's Day€ 1.222.3102016DFW
841The Lizzie McGuire Movie€ 1.219.439200.8772003BVI
842Allied€ 1.219.2402017UPI
843The American€ 1.217.861168.8462010BFD
844The Taking of Pelham 123€ 1.217.298176.4642009SPR
845That Awkward Moment€ 1.217.282155.0692014E1
846The Net€ 1.216.644217.6971995CTF
847Crossroads€ 1.216.000195.0002002RCV
848LiTTLEMAN€ 1.213.595179.5802006SPR
849John Wick€ 1.212.803152.6142014AFD
850Timecop€ 1.211.810219.9351994UIP


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