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501The Equalizer€ 2.074.285253.1732014UPI
502Coyote Ugly€ 2.069.014329.7872000BVI
503Planet of the Apes€ 2.068.000306.0002001NFFC
50410,000 B.C.€ 2.066.400271.6372008WB
505300: Rise of an Empire€ 2.064.196206.6532014WB
506Mad Max: Fury Road€ 2.061.679206.0152015FOX
507Central Intelligence€ 2.059.618250.7282016UPI
508National Treasure€ 2.059.079287.6882005BVI
509Godzilla€ 2.057.422206.9552014WB
510Sleepers€ 2.053.757328.0461996PFED
511Deja Vu€ 2.052.807275.2422006BVI
512The Heat€ 2.048.843260.9992013FOX
513Shutter Island€ 2.048.549256.6562010UPI
514The Devil's Advocate€ 2.048.266343.8611998WB
515Titanic 3D€ 2.046.805203.9292012WB
516The Bourne Identity€ 2.046.000304.0002002UIP
517Chicken Little€ 2.041.685381.3902005BVI
518Fury€ 2.039.753242.3832014UPI
519Air Force One€ 2.034.538342.2401997BVI
520Happy Feet 2€ 2.032.457246.8752011WB
521Elysium€ 2.015.948240.9052013UPI
522The Descendants€ 2.014.250262.1192012FOX
523Flightplan€ 2.010.166283.8892005BVI
524Toy Story€ 2.005.561401.0531996BVI
525American Made€ 2.005.072244.3892017UPI
526End of Days€ 2.002.762331.9631999RCV
527Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Het regent gehaktballen)€ 2.001.501244.5262010SPR
528Now You See Me 2€ 2.000.244244.7222016IF
529Ice Age€ 1.999.000342.0002002FOX
530Dr. Seuss' The Lorax€ 1.998.967242.4512012UPI
531The Simpsons Movie€ 1.991.186340.5572007FOX
532Rampage: Big Meets Bigger€ 1.990.7432018WB
533Big Momma's House 2€ 1.989.428289.3512006FOX
534The Greatest Showman€ 1.988.9972018FOX
535Casper€ 1.986.101372.3551995UIP
536Stuart Little€ 1.983.069394.1682000CTF
537The Tigger Movie€ 1.982.083387.9862000BVI
538A Few Good Men€ 1.980.904361.4131993CTF
539Mermaids€ 1.979.962391.5631991CTF
540Nell€ 1.977.244364.9431995PFED
541Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time€ 1.973.883250.4032010WDS
542The Truman Show€ 1.967.005333.9211998UIP
543Con Air€ 1.966.894397.8051997BVI
544Warcraft: The Beginning€ 1.962.108194.8352016UPI
545The Expendables€ 1.957.211272.0952010BFD
546The Departed€ 1.951.043254.3332006WB
547Scary Movie€ 1.946.986324.2772000RCV
548Transformers: The Last Knight€ 1.945.723195.8852017UPI
549Moulin Rouge!€ 1.943.000288.0002001NFFC
550The Mountain Between Us€ 1.942.253230.7822017FOX


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