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101Mission: Impossible II€ 4.965.251790.8752000UIP
102Avengers: Age of Ultron€ 4.915.5842015WDS
103Mr. Bean's Holiday€ 4.902.368686.1342007UPI
104Life of Pi€ 4.885.000201.3292012FOX
1052012€ 4.826.521575.6922009SPR
106The Kite Runner€ 4.821.799647.3402008UPI
107Deadpool€ 4.764.9032016WB
108Rio 2€ 4.695.914580.2222014FOX
109Tarzan€ 4.692.560874.5811999BVI
110Inglourious Basterds€ 4.670.918630.5122009UPI
111Zootropolis€ 4.655.5312016WDS
112Puss in Boots€ 4.601.300529.3112011UPI
113The Lost World: Jurassic Park€ 4.585.537798.3811997UIP
114Cars 2€ 4.531.621574.5902011WDS
115Toy Story 3€ 4.487.628564.5722010WDS
116The Hunchback of Notre Dame€ 4.484.412876.2741996BVI
117Ratatouille€ 4.482.058765.4982007BVI
118The Incredibles€ 4.479.737693.0912004BVI
119The Day After Tomorrow€ 4.469.522653.3632004FOX
120Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull€ 4.413.885579.1592008UPI
121Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones€ 4.378.000654.0002002FOX
122The English Patient€ 4.376.032698.1421997RCV
123How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Hoe tem je een draak 2)€ 4.341.344529.3952014FOX
124Iron Man 3€ 4.332.473436.2702013WDS
125The Nutty Professor€ 4.323.614748.4481996UIP
126Men in Black€ 4.314.575731.1011997CTF
127What Women Want€ 4.297.000674.0002001RCV
128War of the Worlds€ 4.294.251684.5022005UIP
129Rio€ 4.282.474526.1242011WB
130Charlie and the Chocolate Factory€ 4.277.837670.3632005WB
131Love Actually€ 4.263.688593.8302003UIP
132101 Dalmatians€ 4.244.822813.8861997BVI
133The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2€ 4.224.087499.8052012IF
134Kung Fu Panda€ 4.222.425644.5992008UPI
135Spider-Man€ 4.210.000624.0002002CTF
136Pocahontas€ 4.150.424809.3121995BVI
137The Maze Runner€ 4.136.343508.9892014FOX
138I Am Legend€ 4.072.442512.1432007WB
139King Kong€ 4.071.102518.5842005UIP
140Dawn of the Planet of the Apes€ 4.069.744424.6932014FOX
141The Jungle Book€ 4.065.5382016WDS
142Forrest Gump€ 4.064.218625.9861994UIP
143102 Dalmatians€ 4.060.000775.0002001BVI
144The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear€ 4.048.272745.2581991UIP
145Gladiator€ 4.038.888618.0422000UIP
146Sex and the City€ 4.014.478492.2722008PAR
147American Beauty€ 3.999.098641.1522000UIP
148Michael Jackson's This Is It€ 3.989.417513.0412009SPR
149Transformers: Dark of the Moon€ 3.986.756400.9252011UPI
150Gravity€ 3.979.859397.4662013WB


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