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51Despicable Me 2€ 7.762.926925.5012013UPI
52The Fate of the Furious (Fast & Furious 8)€ 7.670.458848.2112017UPI
53Aladdin€ 7.653.1722019WDS
54Frozen€ 7.626.859932.1362013WDS
55Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle€ 7.618.443782.7132017SPR
56The Sixth Sense€ 7.615.7071.203.7822000BVI
57Rogue One: A Star Wars Story€ 7.535.656714.5612016WDS
58Ice Age: Continental Drift€ 7.534.881885.2032012FOX
59The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2€ 7.410.469769.0252015IF
60Alice in Wonderland€ 7.375.524738.4412010WDS
61The Incredibles 2€ 7.277.926852.2162018WDS
62The Smurfs€ 7.121.373879.1712011SPR
63Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves€ 7.033.2101.266.5861991WB
64Quantum of Solace€ 7.014.077925.0602008SPR
65Inception€ 7.002.076831.0232010WB
66Basic Instinct€ 6.989.9381.262.7071992CTF
67Dunkirk€ 6.963.466758.0012017WB
68Terminator 2: Judgment Day€ 6.931.7791.235.8861991CTF
69Die Another Day€ 6.917.408979.0242003FOX
70Independence Day€ 6.895.3341.107.0471996CTF
71The Dark Knight Rises€ 6.877.176760.5802012WB
72GoldenEye€ 6.851.9931.182.0041995UIP
73Aquaman€ 6.760.679614.7192018WB
74Mamma Mia!€ 6.704.005996.0762008UPI
75A Star is Born€ 6.681.424730.8182018WB
76Mission: Impossible - Fallout€ 6.669.390636.7262018PPI
77The Revenant€ 6.634.444726.0462016FOX
78The Hunger Games: Catching Fire€ 6.596.067765.1762013IF
79The Matrix Reloaded€ 6.595.374996.1022003WB
80Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl€ 6.581.593995.0532003BVI
81Ted€ 6.564.575810.2722012UPI
82Aladdin€ 6.551.5921.279.1081993BVI
83Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa€ 6.480.636943.0562008UPI
84The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1€ 6.415.142758.9822014IF
85Fifty Shades of Grey€ 6.403.954746.7452015UPI
86The World Is Not Enough€ 6.391.0421.055.3871999UIP
87Notting Hill€ 6.390.2051999UIP
88Ferdinand€ 6.349.717812.4852017WB
89Ice Age: The Meltdown€ 6.169.975964.4402006FOX
90The Hangover Part II€ 6.151.629765.9932011WB
91The Boss Baby€ 6.120.928801.1902017FOX
92Bridget Jones's Diary€ 6.075.0001.068.0002001UIP
93Up€ 6.057.300795.7422009WDS
94Shrek 2€ 6.020.881978.1892004UIP
95The Wolf of Wall Street€ 6.001.055677.1672014DFW
96Hot Shots!€ 5.983.7641.071.3671991FOX
97Fifty Shades Darker€ 5.970.449686.0442017UPI
98Michiel de Ruyter€ 5.963.793694.2942015AFD
99Twister€ 5.934.8891.015.4691996UIP
100Tomorrow Never Dies€ 5.931.983989.3971997UIP


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