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851Mr. Popper's Penguins€ 1.365.230191.8802011FOX
852Patriot Games€ 1.365.130252.8981992UIP
853Atonement€ 1.363.893197.4072007UPI
854The Patriot€ 1.362.819199.2292000CTF
855Marmaduke€ 1.361.233213.6312010WB
856Loving Vincent€ 1.360.836170.2962017CNA
857A Quiet Place€ 1.360.533158.8182018PPI
858X-Men: First Class€ 1.358.332179.2862011FOX
859Annabelle: Creation€ 1.356.638156.4992017WB
860Office Christmas Party€ 1.356.619165.2702016WWE
8613 Men and a Little Lady€ 1.356.572256.4591991BVI
862Scream 2€ 1.356.398244.5971998WWE
863Eragon€ 1.355.464185.1582006FOX
864Cats & Dogs (Als kat en hond)€ 1.351.000256.0002001WB
865Marley & Me€ 1.350.740180.7352009WB
866Ghost in the Shell€ 1.350.121142.1552017UPI
867Horton Hears a Who!€ 1.350.105209.7732008WB
868Thor€ 1.349.250144.2582011UPI
869Mortal Engines€ 1.348.349137.0652018UPI
870Get Out€ 1.348.347166.4332017UPI
871Spice World€ 1.348.117246.8781997PFED
872Annie€ 1.347.542187.5132014UPI
873Iron Man€ 1.342.856179.8772008UPI
874Metro€ 1.342.666229.5181997BVI
875Bigfoot Junior (The Son of Bigfoot)€ 1.341.395179.3782017IF
876After€ 1.340.6152019IF
877Cinderella€ 1.339.812185.7612015WDS
878Philadelphia€ 1.335.465255.6141994CTF
879Along Came Polly€ 1.328.444191.2582004UIP
880Shaft€ 1.324.300207.8172000UIP
881TRON: Legacy€ 1.321.644138.9662011WDS
882Everest€ 1.316.711134.3432015UPI
883Perfume: The Story of a Murderer€ 1.316.667184.1922006WWE
884Epic€ 1.315.100162.7112013FOX
885The Hand That Rocks the Cradle€ 1.310.216268.0061992BVI
886The Island€ 1.309.345187.7732005WB
887I Am Number Four€ 1.309.014164.7082011WDS
888The Witches€ 1.309.000257.1981990CNR
889Snow Dogs€ 1.306.000230.0002002BVI
890Book Club€ 1.305.313161.3792018PAR
891Godzilla II: King of the Monsters€ 1.303.6662019WB
892Rush Hour€ 1.303.115225.5231999PAR
893The Jungle Book€ 1.303.092294.3771993BVI
894Midnight in Paris€ 1.300.234177.5242011PAR
895George of the Jungle€ 1.297.843264.7801997BVI
896Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole€ 1.297.076150.5442010WB
897Charlotte's Web€ 1.295.324205.7422006UIP
898The Aviator€ 1.294.470166.7862005IF
899Safe Haven€ 1.293.799163.2452013AFD
900The Ugly Truth€ 1.289.265172.1482009SPR


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