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451Ghost€ 1.484.599288.539UIP
452The X-Files€ 1.483.020259.0671990FOX
453Tag€ 1.479.109179.4591998WB
454Pacific Rim€ 1.478.852151.8272018WB
455La giovinezza (Youth)€ 1.460.352185.8592013PAR
456The Three Musketeers€ 1.459.780159.1512015DFW
457A Perfect World€ 1.457.462244.3232011WB
458Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief€ 1.454.139193.3501993WB
459I Feel Pretty€ 1.443.975167.4692010WWE
460Taken 2€ 1.437.231185.0932018WWE
461Dear John€ 1.431.034188.4302012AFD
462The Peacemaker€ 1.428.431246.2882010UIP
463Dirty Grandpa€ 1.425.705175.7811997DFW
464The Mask of Zorro€ 1.422.857246.6982016CTF
465Good Will Hunting€ 1.417.276251.1201998WWE
466Jumper€ 1.416.794189.2421998FOX
467Immortals€ 1.411.653153.7222008AFD
468The Recruit€ 1.404.920204.0402011BVI
469Vet Hard€ 1.399.520199.2952003AFD
470The Dark Tower€ 1.391.484171.3442005SPR
471Non-Stop€ 1.375.669178.4392017IF
472Patriot Games€ 1.365.130252.8982014UIP
473Atonement€ 1.363.893197.4071992UPI
474X-Men: First Class€ 1.358.332179.2862007FOX
475Tirza€ 1.357.579184.5642011IF
476Office Christmas Party€ 1.356.619165.2702010WWE
477Eragon€ 1.355.464185.1582016FOX
478Ghost in the Shell€ 1.350.121142.1552006UPI
479Thor€ 1.349.250144.2582017UPI
480After€ 1.348.463152.7032011IF
481Mortal Engines€ 1.348.349137.0652019UPI
482Iron Man€ 1.342.856179.8772018UPI
483Metro€ 1.342.666229.5182008BVI
484Het bombardement€ 1.336.750111.1651997DFW
485TRON: Legacy€ 1.321.644138.9662012WDS
486Godzilla: King of the Monsters€ 1.318.699129.5372011WB
487Everest€ 1.316.711134.3432019UPI
488Perfume: The Story of a Murderer€ 1.316.667184.1922015WWE
489The Hand That Rocks the Cradle€ 1.310.216268.0062006BVI
490The Island€ 1.309.345187.7731992WB
491I Am Number Four€ 1.309.014164.7082005WDS
492Mannen van Mars€ 1.307.485152.4182011WWE
493Rush Hour€ 1.303.115225.5232018PAR
494Hors normes (The Specials)€ 1.301.445149.5651999CNA
495Midnight in Paris€ 1.300.234177.5242019PAR
496The Aviator€ 1.294.470166.7862011IF
497Safe Haven€ 1.293.799163.2452005AFD
498The Ugly Truth€ 1.289.265172.1482013SPR
499Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets€ 1.288.377139.8972009IF
500He's Just Not That Into You€ 1.284.308171.9262017PAR


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