Keuring: 12 jaar en ouder

1201Fences€ 182.46824.1302017UPI
1202Clouds of Sils Maria€ 182.02127.3802014FFD
1203Estômago€ 182.00033.0002008CM
1204Tristan + Isolde€ 182.00029.0002006BFD
1205Foxtrot€ 181.21924.6642018SEP
1206Hævnen (In a Better World)€ 180.65629.9042011CNA
1207Forushande (The Salesman)€ 180.34823.8802016CNA
1208Toivon tuolla puolen (The Other Side of Hope)€ 180.08524.6702017CM
1209Mary Magdalene€ 179.66121.6792018SPR
1210Diana€ 179.41824.9372013CNA
1211The Hurricane€ 179.24338.0002000WWE
1212Amazones€ 179.00026.0002004AFD
1213The Happy Prince€ 178.53423.0572018SEP
1214Analyze That€ 178.00026.0002003WB
1215Bobby€ 178.00028.0002007BFD
1216The Young Victoria€ 178.00028.0002009PAR
1217Los amantes del círculo polar (Lovers of the Arctic Circle)€ 177.42834.0001999CM
1218The Forbidden Kingdom€ 177.00032.0002008IF
1219Il divo (The Deity)€ 176.00025.0002009CM
1220Tampopo€ 175.71522.3502018PER
1221Isabelle€ 175.69024.4782011AFD
1222The Core€ 175.00027.0002003UIP
1223Elegy€ 175.00032.0002008WWE
1224Open Water€ 175.00025.0002004IF
1225Taboo (Gohatto)€ 175.0004.0002001FM
1226Truman€ 174.77923.5342016CM
1227Under the Skin€ 174.19323.6632014AFD
1228Bad Santa€ 174.00026.0002004WWE
1229Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage€ 174.00027.0002005CM
1230Maybe Baby€ 173.79828.0002000WWE
1231Trash€ 173.55923.9522014UPI
1232Loving€ 173.46024.5132017UPI
1233Almost Famous€ 173.00033.0002001CTF
1234Dream House€ 172.33523.5592011WWE
1235Formula 51 (The 51st State)€ 172.00027.0002002IFD
1236Mid90s€ 170.6842019SPL
1237The Kids Are All Right€ 170.00026.0002010AFD
1238Io e te (Me and You)€ 169.34125.6212013CM
1239The 15:17 to Paris€ 168.05321.1622018WB
1240The Wolfpack€ 167.33921.3952015PER
1241Ricki and the Flash€ 167.23321.6902015UPI
1242Whitney€ 167.06920.6662018WWE
1243Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow€ 167.00026.0002004WWE
1244Wild Romance€ 167.00027.0002006IF
1245Miss You Already€ 165.31822.2262016DFW
1246Imagine Me & You€ 165.00025.0002006WWE
1247Erbarme Dich€ 163.59422.7282015CM
1248Their Finest€ 162.69723.7022017SEA
1249On Chesil Beach€ 161.46522.0342018PAR
1250K-19: The Widowmaker€ 160.00027.0002002UIP


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