Keuring: 12 jaar en ouder

1251De held€ 134.73917.7042016DFW
1252Hereafter€ 134.69821.3252011WB
1253Rock of Ages€ 134.34519.3192012WB
1254Race€ 134.17419.0662016E1
1255Trust€ 134.06320.2842011BFD
1256Freedom Writers€ 134.00020.0002007UPI
1257The Ice Storm€ 133.86526.0001998BVI
1258On Chesil Beach€ 133.8102018PAR
1259Seeking a Friend for the End of the World€ 133.74019.4092012PAR
1260Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her€ 132.95822.0002000IF
1261Een echte Vermeer€ 131.61519.1382016CNA
1262Bajirao mastani€ 131.25015.5262015EIL
1263House of Sand and Fog€ 131.00022.0002004PAR
1264Looking for Eric€ 131.00023.0002009CNA
1265Galaxy Quest€ 130.23523.0002000UIP
1266Romance & Cigarettes€ 130.00020.0002006AFD
1267Winter's Bone€ 130.00020.0002010PAR
1268Catacombe€ 129.4882018PAR
1269Barbara€ 129.02718.4302012AFD
1270Bin-jip (3-Iron)€ 128.00020.0002005BAD
1271A Most Violent Year€ 127.84318.2852015LUM
1272After the Sunset€ 125.00019.0002005PAR
1273This Must Be the Place€ 124.93517.2772012CNA
1274Whitney€ 123.8742018E1
1275Life€ 123.67616.9462015E1
1276Mon fils à moi (My Son)€ 123.00021.0002007CM
1277Two Mothers€ 122.97118.1982013FFD
1278Ya tayr el tayer (The Idol)€ 122.44217.6992016SEP
1279Les innocentes (Agnus Dei)€ 122.13117.4572016IMA
1280Alone in Berlin€ 122.07817.0532017PAR
1281Frost/Nixon€ 122.00019.0002009UPI
1282The Hunting Party€ 122.00019.0002008BFD
1283Paris, je t'aime (Paris, I Love You)€ 122.00020.0002007AFD
1284Rent-a-friend€ 121.27820.6872000AFD
1285C'era una volta il west (Once Upon a Time in the West)€ 121.13613.4242016EYE
1286Habana Blues€ 121.00024.0002006CM
1287Soul Kitchen€ 121.00019.0002010CNA
1288Team America: World Police€ 121.00018.0002005UIP
1289Fifty Shades of Black€ 120.91815.8092016E1
1290Nie yin niang (The Assassin)€ 120.85317.7782016LUM
1291Fish Tank€ 120.00018.0002009CNA
1292Ae Fond Kiss...€ 120.00018.0002004AFD
1293Respiro€ 120.00022.0002003CM
1294Hross í oss (Of Horses and Men)€ 119.92516.1642015AMF
1295Kurtlar vadisi: Vatan (Valley of the Wolves: Homeland)€ 119.66911.9452017ONB
1296Mænd & høns (Men & Chicken)€ 119.19916.2792016IMA
1297La prima cosa bella (The First Beautiful Thing)€ 119.16817.4092011CNA
1298Prem ratan dhan payo€ 119.04914.3012015ONB
1299Bulletproof Monk€ 119.00021.0002003RCV
1300Georgia Rule€ 119.00023.0002007BFD


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