Keuring: 12 jaar en ouder

901Far from Heaven€ 357.00062.0002003PAR
902Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)€ 355.76470.0002000AFD
903She's Out of My League€ 355.00051.0002010UPI
904Pride€ 354.71048.9892014LUM
905Matchstick Men€ 353.00053.0002003WB
906The Merchant of Venice€ 353.00053.0002006BFD
907Righteous Kill€ 353.00047.0002009ML
908The Cider House Rules€ 351.68058.0002000RCV
909What's Your Number?€ 349.45749.3192011FOX
910The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002010SPR
911Fucking Åmål€ 348.50369.0002000HS
912Angela's Ashes€ 347.59658.0002000UIP
913Love Is All You Need€ 346.41247.7692012CNA
914We Need to Talk About Kevin€ 345.97249.1492011WBU
915Hemel op Aarde€ 345.82747.8542013AFD
916You're Not You€ 344.03644.7492014DFW
917The Constant Gardener€ 344.00050.0002005AFD
918Whiplash€ 343.42346.6222014UPI
919Adaptation.€ 343.00053.0002003IF
920Bachelorette€ 342.72347.2422012PAR
921The Illusionist€ 342.00051.0002007IF
922Rabbit-Proof Fence€ 339.00060.0002003AFD
923Jobs€ 338.05946.6472013E1
924Happy-Go-Lucky€ 338.00051.0002008RCV
925I, Frankenstein€ 337.70237.0132014IF
926The Stepford Wives€ 334.00050.0002004UIP
927Gloria€ 333.28144.6392013WBU
928Lady Macbeth€ 333.13244.0462017CPF
929The Life of David Gale€ 333.00051.0002003UIP
930Kidnap€ 332.72744.2022017DFW
931Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D€ 331.40335.5162012FOX
932We Are Your Friends€ 327.33442.1282015DFW
933Zombibi€ 326.74941.6952012AFD
934A Dangerous Method€ 324.46544.7522012CNA
935A Dog's Purpose€ 322.41943.2772017E1
936Tous les soleils (All the Suns)€ 321.66347.9592011BFD
937Bloedlink€ 321.42041.5172014AFD
938The Count of Monte Cristo€ 319.00061.0002002BVI
939Mio fratello è figlio unico (My Brother Is an Only Child)€ 317.00048.0002008CM
940Power Rangers€ 316.58743.0952017IF
941Beasts of the Southern Wild€ 316.41344.1562012AFD
942Dallas Buyers Club€ 316.09843.0492014IF
943De laatste dagen van Emma Blank€ 316.00048.0002009AFD
944Ghost Rider€ 313.00043.0002007SPR
945My Cousin Rachel€ 309.68440.4322017FOX
946Red Lights€ 309.49343.3892012DFW
947Vampires Suck€ 308.00045.0002010WB
948The Light Between Oceans€ 306.96542.7062016E1
949The Man Who Wasn't There€ 306.00049.0002002PAR
950Layla M.€ 305.68341.0352016CM


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