Keuring: 12 jaar en ouder

1101Breathe€ 180.3352017SF
1102Diana€ 179.41824.9372013CNA
1103The Hurricane€ 179.24338.0002000RCV
1104Amazones€ 179.00026.0002004AFD
1105Analyze That€ 178.00026.0002003WB
1106Bobby€ 178.00028.0002007BFD
1107The Young Victoria€ 178.00028.0002009PAR
1108Los amantes del círculo polar (Lovers of the Arctic Circle)€ 177.42834.0001999CM
1109The Forbidden Kingdom€ 177.00032.0002008IF
1110Il divo (The Deity)€ 176.00025.0002009CM
1111Isabelle€ 175.69024.4782011AFD
1112The Core€ 175.00027.0002003UIP
1113Elegy€ 175.00032.0002008RCV
1114Open Water€ 175.00025.0002004IF
1115Taboo (Gohatto)€ 175.0004.0002001FM
1116Truman€ 174.77923.5342016CM
1117Under the Skin€ 174.19323.6632014AFD
1118Bad Santa€ 174.00026.0002004RCV
1119Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage€ 174.00027.0002005CM
1120Maybe Baby€ 173.79828.0002000RCV
1121Trash€ 173.55923.9522014UPI
1122Almost Famous€ 173.00033.0002001CTF
1123Dream House€ 172.33523.5592011E1
1124Formula 51 (The 51st State)€ 172.00027.0002002IFD
1125The Glass Castle€ 171.8882017IF
1126The Kids Are All Right€ 170.00026.0002010AFD
1127Io e te (Me and You)€ 169.34125.6212013CM
1128The Wolfpack€ 167.33921.3952015PER
1129Ricki and the Flash€ 167.23321.6902015UPI
1130Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow€ 167.00026.0002004RCV
1131Wild Romance€ 167.00027.0002006IF
1132Miss You Already€ 165.31822.2262016DFW
1133Imagine Me & You€ 165.00025.0002006RCV
1134Erbarme Dich€ 163.59422.7282015CM
1135Django€ 162.3442017SF
1136Toivon tuolla puolen (The Other Side of Hope)€ 160.7032017CM
1137K-19: The Widowmaker€ 160.00027.0002002UIP
1138Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant€ 159.00023.0002009UPI
1139Our Idiot Brother€ 158.97524.0222012PAR
1140Wuthering Heights€ 158.78922.7922012CNA
1141Mortal Kombat: Annihilation€ 158.36928.0001998UPB
1142Phoenix€ 158.34521.3392015AFD
1143Kapringen (A Hijacking)€ 158.19423.0412013AFD
1144Disconnect€ 158.09023.0372013LUM
1145Survivor€ 157.58521.7292015DFW
1146Loin des hommes (Far from Men)€ 156.11621.9142015IMA
1147Endless Love€ 156.01821.0122014UPI
1148The Last Legion€ 155.00024.0002007BFD
1149Tracers€ 154.45322.0802015E1
1150Neruda€ 153.31420.4032016IMA


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