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701The Pianist€ 565.00084.0002002AFD
702Eight Legged Freaks€ 562.00088.0002002WB
703T2: Trainspotting€ 561.9222017UPI
704Hall Pass€ 561.41378.2232011WB
705A Haunted House€ 561.36772.6942013E1
706A Serious Man€ 560.00079.0002010UPI
707Sphere€ 558.15099.0001998WB
708If I Stay€ 555.68185.6372014WB
709Overdrive€ 555.4732017IF
710The Lady in the Van€ 553.2622016UPI
711Kenau€ 553.22673.7922014DFW
712Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights€ 551.00082.0002004RCV
713Snake Eyes€ 550.88996.0001998BVI
714In the Heart of the Sea€ 550.08762.5552015WB
715The Danish Girl€ 549.5102016UPI
716De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)€ 549.42974.6092012LUM
717Season of the Witch€ 547.51974.6422011AFD
718CafĂ© Society€ 545.9792016PAR
719Jarhead€ 539.00077.0002006UIP
720Seventh Son€ 536.25156.9542015UPI
721Patriots Day€ 534.5822017IF
722Contagion€ 534.30173.0672011WB
723Fool's Gold€ 531.00072.0002008WB
724Keeping Up with the Joneses€ 530.4722016FOX
725Feestje€ 530.00078.0002004UIP
726The Master€ 529.29372.0372013AFD
727Moonrise Kingdom€ 527.77071.7002012BFD
728Phone Booth€ 520.00097.0002003FOX
729Pizzamaffia€ 519.22668.3632011BFD
730Enough€ 517.00076.0002002CTF
731De helaasheid der dingen€ 512.00072.0002009WBU
732Reign of Fire€ 511.00077.0002002BVI
733August: Osage County€ 508.03671.4122014PAR
734Sahara€ 506.00077.0002005IF
735Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows€ 505.8032016UPI
736Side Effects€ 505.70668.0072013IF
737Ray€ 505.00070.0002005UIP
738The Avengers€ 503.69684.0001998WB
739Changing Lanes€ 502.00072.0002002UIP
740Dungeons & Dragons€ 499.00091.0002001IF
741Abduction€ 497.27769.6032011E1
742Io sono l'amore (I Am Love)€ 497.00072.0002010CNA
743Love, Rosie€ 495.99964.8082014E1
744The Dilemma€ 495.06967.8562011UPI
745Ride Along€ 491.84163.9262014UPI
746Identity Thief€ 488.25767.0272013UPI
747Arbitrage€ 488.18464.2172013DFW
748The Chronicles of Riddick€ 488.00069.0002004UIP
749Milk€ 487.00070.0002009AFD
750Sideways€ 484.00072.0002005FOX


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