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401Far and Away€ 1.170.300176.7861992UIP
402Captain America: The First Avenger€ 1.168.801132.3382011UPI
403Million Dollar Baby€ 1.150.791162.2652005AFD
404Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous€ 1.149.673166.2252005WB
405Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Special Edition)€ 1.139.439196.9561997FOX
406Knowing€ 1.136.950152.0242009IF
407The Bounty Hunter€ 1.131.470147.3472010SPR
408Conspiracy Theory€ 1.121.496190.6501997WB
409The Fisher King€ 1.118.163209.5811991CTF
410Analyze This€ 1.112.137188.4861999WB
411Jackass: Number Two€ 1.109.664148.9212006UIP
412The Score€ 1.105.080157.4512001UIP
413Limitless€ 1.099.801148.5592011AFD
414Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)€ 1.097.632122.1902014UPI
415Gangsterboys€ 1.093.251140.0672010IF
416Horrible Bosses 2€ 1.080.113137.7972014WB
417Star Trek€ 1.076.754134.9892009UPI
418The Pianist€ 1.073.600168.1552002AFD
419The Talented Mr. Ripley€ 1.073.147170.6692000RCV
420Birdman€ 1.071.0492015FOX
421The Long Kiss Goodnight€ 1.067.179178.3831996RCV
422Wrath of the Titans€ 1.052.976108.2912012WB
423First Knight€ 1.051.385188.4841995CTF
424My Sister's Keeper€ 1.049.279166.6552009WB
425AlienĀ³€ 1.044.318203.4691992FOX
426Flight€ 1.042.418136.2762013UPI
427Into the Storm€ 1.028.871140.2222014WB
428Star Trek: First Contact€ 1.028.105170.7141997UIP
429Jupiter Ascending€ 1.027.5892015WB
430Scary Movie 5€ 1.026.320128.1042013E1
431Need for Speed€ 1.026.022112.6472014E1
432Stargate€ 1.016.785188.9111995CON
433Killers€ 1.014.066135.9322010AFD
434Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters€ 1.013.679111.6992013FOX
435Jackie Brown€ 1.012.015184.4531998RCV
436Lucia de B.€ 1.010.746135.4602014IF
437The Heartbreak Kid€ 1.007.649137.3172007UPI
438Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit€ 1.004.384124.3842014UPI
439The Lucky One€ 1.003.831129.2622012WB
440Simon€ 1.000.026151.0562004AFD
441The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift€ 999.366146.9762006UIP
442Final Analysis€ 996.066204.0971992WB
443American Hustle€ 992.682129.9772014PAR
444Crimson Tide€ 992.281176.7531995BVI
445A Most Wanted Man€ 991.166137.6572014E1
446In Time€ 988.346132.6932011FOX
447Hable con ella€ 986.843157.9132002AFD
448Rush Hour 3€ 983.652134.7152007PAR
449The Legend of Zorro€ 983.545140.5152005SPR
450The Haunted Mansion€ 979.381144.0542004BVI


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