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401The A-Team€ 1.224.003161.2142010WB
402The American€ 1.217.861168.8462010BFD
403That Awkward Moment€ 1.217.282155.0692014E1
404The Net€ 1.216.644217.6971995CTF
405The 40 Year-Old Virgin€ 1.210.000169.0002005UIP
406The Interpreter€ 1.204.201169.4672005UIP
407The Scorpion King€ 1.201.000180.0002002UIP
408The Social Network€ 1.200.611162.6982010SPR
409Batman Begins€ 1.195.055206.5622005WB
410Backdraft€ 1.193.439225.6481991UIP
411Lincoln€ 1.191.956146.4192013FOX
412Unstoppable€ 1.190.358158.8182010FOX
41347 Ronin€ 1.181.913128.1002013UPI
414The Green Hornet€ 1.180.055127.5212011SPR
415The Sum of All Fears€ 1.178.000176.0002002UIP
416The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen€ 1.177.637177.7812003FOX
417Super 8€ 1.175.438156.9042011UPI
418G.I. Joe: Retaliation€ 1.173.572122.3952013UPI
419Far and Away€ 1.170.300176.7861992UIP
420Captain America: The First Avenger€ 1.168.801132.3382011UPI
421Million Dollar Baby€ 1.150.791162.2652005AFD
422Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous€ 1.149.673166.2252005WB
423Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Special Edition)€ 1.139.439196.9561997FOX
424Knowing€ 1.136.950152.0242009IF
425The Bounty Hunter€ 1.131.470147.3472010SPR
426Conspiracy Theory€ 1.121.496190.6501997WB
427The Fisher King€ 1.118.163209.5811991CTF
428Analyze This€ 1.112.137188.4861999WB
429Jackass: Number Two€ 1.109.664148.9212006UIP
430The Score€ 1.105.000157.0002001UIP
431Bad Neighbours 2€ 1.103.5062016UPI
432Limitless€ 1.099.801148.5592011AFD
433Ninja Turtles€ 1.097.632122.1902014UPI
434Gangsterboys€ 1.093.251140.0672010IF
435The 5th Wave€ 1.081.4212016UPI
436Horrible Bosses 2€ 1.080.113137.7972014WB
437Star Trek€ 1.076.754134.9892009UPI
438The Talented Mr. Ripley€ 1.073.147170.6692000RCV
439Birdman€ 1.071.0492015FOX
440The Long Kiss Goodnight€ 1.067.179178.3831996RCV
441Schone handen€ 1.062.1472015DFW
442Wrath of the Titans€ 1.052.976108.2912012WB
443First Knight€ 1.051.385188.4841995CTF
444My Sister's Keeper€ 1.049.279166.6552009WB
445Alien³€ 1.044.318203.4691992FOX
446Flight€ 1.042.418136.2762013UPI
447Into the Storm€ 1.028.871140.2222014WB
448Star Trek: First Contact€ 1.028.105170.7141997UIP
449Jupiter Ascending€ 1.027.5892015WB
450Scary Movie 5€ 1.026.320128.1042013E1


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