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801The Transporter Refueled€ 461.12258.7962015IF
802Delivery Man€ 459.91265.2022014E1
803Renesse€ 458.04657.6852016DFW
804Aanmodderfakker€ 453.87658.5192014SEP
805Eye in the Sky€ 451.83360.1192016E1
806World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles€ 451.01260.8302011SPR
807Before I Fall€ 448.92460.2102017E1
808The Big Lebowski€ 448.33582.0001998PFED
809The Switch€ 442.00062.0002010PAR
810Torque€ 441.00062.0002004WB
811The Host€ 439.58257.9732013IF
812Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within€ 439.00067.0002001CTF
813Trainwreck€ 438.15557.2152015UPI
814Guernsey Literary Society€ 437.0672018IF
815The Wicker Man€ 437.00081.0002006BFD
816Her€ 436.62462.0822014PAR
817Fighting€ 436.00058.0002009UPI
818Haywire€ 434.73860.8832012AFD
819Something Borrowed€ 434.73260.6502011PAR
820Contraband€ 434.10362.9112012UPI
821De president€ 433.34057.5592011AFD
822Suffragette€ 431.68259.0732015PAR
823A Bigger Splash€ 431.45655.6462016LUM
824Tracks€ 430.94957.7092014AFD
825De Helleveeg€ 427.85356.7012016E1
826La mala educación (Bad Education)€ 426.00063.0002004AFD
827Shanghai Knights€ 426.00064.0002003BVI
828Yo También€ 426.00066.0002010AFD
829Monsieur Chocolat€ 424.61056.8722016PAR
830Behind Enemy Lines€ 424.00039.0002002FOX
831Boy 7€ 423.75355.3472015AFD
832Brideshead Revisited€ 423.00067.0002008AFD
833Die weiße Massai€ 423.00067.0002006BFD
834Entourage€ 422.20651.9272015WB
835Alles voor elkaar€ 421.28452.0482017E1
836The Rum Diary€ 420.34657.0912011E1
837Another Year€ 419.00059.0002010E1
838Los abrazos rotos (Broken Embraces)€ 418.00065.0002009CM
839The Place Beyond the Pines€ 416.56157.2792013IF
840The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002001IF
841Rabat€ 415.59358.9702011BFD
842Man on a Ledge€ 413.52458.7912012E1
843I Love You Phillip Morris€ 412.00057.0002010IF
844Woman in Gold€ 411.40155.6402015E1
845What Dreams May Come€ 409.31075.0001998PFED
846Get Him to the Greek€ 409.00057.0002010UPI
847Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire€ 409.00059.0002009AFD
848The Legend of Hercules€ 407.87448.0012014E1
849Beautiful Creatures€ 407.01455.2162013IF
850Swimming Pool€ 404.00067.0002003CM


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