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51Pinocchio€ 1.011.587IF
52The Theory of Everything€ 991.279129.4002020UPI
53Razend€ 984.299136.0772015JFD
54About Time€ 968.671125.0892011UPI
55Briefgeheim€ 954.636139.2142013AFD
56The Tree of Life€ 951.009125.9172010IF
57Did You Hear About the Morgans?€ 884.267117.1572011SPR
58Ventoux€ 851.434106.3042010SEP
59The Vow€ 849.928110.7922015SPR
60Dora and the Lost City of Gold€ 797.69299.9782012PPI
61The Children Act€ 796.956104.2732019CNA
62De surprise€ 781.24997.9962018AFD
63The Secret: Dare to Dream€ 749.0092015DFW
64Mr. Turner€ 741.25592.5202020WWE
65Recep ivedik 6€ 684.46371.9952014KINO
66Every Day€ 649.69478.9992019DFW
67Kappen!€ 624.02682.8752018DFW
68Five Feet Apart€ 622.92673.4822016UPI
69Alle tijd€ 605.42482.2902019IF
70Koning van Katoren€ 593.53165.3042011BFD
71Dark Waters€ 574.5032012WWE
72Dorsvloer vol confetti€ 565.95382.9702020WWE
73The Ghost Writer€ 540.00075.0002014BFD
74The House with a Clock in its Walls€ 518.80766.5172010WWE
75Midnight Sun€ 518.13263.5302018IF
76Real Steel€ 502.21065.3482018WDS
77The Biggest Little Farm€ 501.17559.9182011CM
78Storm: Letters van Vuur€ 496.50772.2382019DFW
79Capharnaüm€ 487.42865.6702017CNA
80The Adjustment Bureau€ 462.33465.0832019UPI
81Turist (Force Majeure)€ 454.88463.1282011LUM
82The Choice€ 454.48154.4852015WWE
83Diego Maradona€ 452.78951.8682016CNA
84Stan and Ollie€ 452.05855.9112019WWE
85ParaNorman€ 424.86451.3722019UPI
86The Call of the Wild (Het wilde avontuur)€ 403.2972012WDS
87Snowden€ 382.89251.5692020IF
88A Street Cat Named Bob€ 380.03649.5682016WWE
89Mr. Holmes€ 372.12248.0512016PAR
90Chef€ 370.75154.6222015UPI
91Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night)€ 364.70749.5692014CNA
92Mariken€ 352.14674.8872014CFI
93The Walk€ 338.77936.5982000UPI
94Médecin de campagne (Irreplaceable)€ 332.51943.5592015CPF
95Happy End€ 331.24143.4182018CNA
96Morning Glory€ 326.30847.5082017UPI
97Avant l'hiver (Before the Winter Chill)€ 309.64141.3352011LUM
98Mia madre (My Mother)€ 301.41440.6952013CNA
99Dragonball Evolution€ 300.00042.0002015FOX
100Where the Wild Things Are€ 300.00044.0002009FOX


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