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51Baby Driver€ 2.528.0952017UPI
52Taken 3€ 2.515.030290.8562015IF
53Disclosure€ 2.433.584428.3681995WB
54Gone Girl€ 2.430.562295.5422014FOX
55Blood Diamond€ 2.388.055314.5552007WB
56Assassin's Creed€ 2.380.3082017FOX
57Kingdom of Heaven€ 2.354.837333.3392005FOX
58Cape Fear€ 2.352.954428.9131992UIP
59Hollow Man€ 2.338.981371.1302000CTF
60The House of the Spirits€ 2.298.981351.9891993IF
61The Expendables 2€ 2.286.412288.3452012DFW
62Pulp Fiction€ 2.243.865336.8351994RCV
63The Bone Collector€ 2.242.525360.9282000CTF
64Wit Licht€ 2.238.054297.5012008IF
65Panic Room€ 2.167.000328.0002002CTF
66Collateral€ 2.161.826305.7282004UIP
67Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines€ 2.134.918310.3822003CTF
68John Wick 2€ 2.106.0432017IF
69Kill Bill: Vol. 1€ 2.076.877289.7422003RCV
70The Equalizer€ 2.074.285253.1732014UPI
71300: Rise of an Empire€ 2.064.196206.6532014WB
72Mad Max: Fury Road€ 2.061.679206.0152015FOX
73Sleepers€ 2.053.757328.0461996PFED
74Shutter Island€ 2.048.549256.6562010UPI
75Fury€ 2.039.753242.3832014UPI
76Elysium€ 2.015.948240.9052013UPI
77End of Days€ 2.002.762331.9631999RCV
78The Passion of the Christ€ 1.970.378276.5392004AFD
79Con Air€ 1.966.894397.8051997BVI
80The Expendables€ 1.957.211272.0952010BFD
81The Departed€ 1.951.043254.3332006WB
82Spy€ 1.940.522239.1762015FOX
83The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo€ 1.933.856235.6632012SPR
84The Mummy€ 1.906.8662017UPI
85300€ 1.888.985249.0462007WB
86Safe House€ 1.860.243235.9792012UPI
87Prometheus€ 1.856.191191.7242012WB
88Ali G Indahouse€ 1.805.000274.0002002UIP
89The Conjuring 2€ 1.802.806206.3422016WB
90The Wolverine€ 1.799.965194.5782013FOX
91Scream 3€ 1.794.547300.5002000RCV
92The Haunting€ 1.780.760302.6411999UIP
93Publieke werken€ 1.780.371218.5592015SEP
94Kill Bill: Vol. 2€ 1.770.858238.2972004RCV
95American Gangster€ 1.767.075216.9032007UPI
96Public Enemies€ 1.761.575229.7462009UPI
97The Accountant€ 1.739.941209.7932016WB
98Final Destination€ 1.724.677281.7622000RCV
99The Final Destination€ 1.724.167189.9392009WB
100Bad Company€ 1.704.000282.0002002BVI


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